The Daily Feature: Gom Jabbar’s “Do Alive” Is an Alluring Indie Pop Tune for These Reasons

Get lured with the intoxicating musicality of American Indie Pop artist Gom Jabbar’s newest single “Do Alive”. The vocals are provided by UK singer Silke. The artist had this to talk about the track: “”Do Alive” tells the story of a doomed relationship–a woman tells her long-term partner that she’s been aware for a long time that the love of her life is sexually in the closet, and asserts she’s finally ready to walk away.”

This track features richly satisfying piano harmonies that are entwined with interesting synth riffs and sound effects. The vocals and instrumentation follow an intriguing syncopated beat that builds up the tension from verse to chorus. The vocals sing the haunting melody with a contrast of sweet and smoky tones that adds a delightful melodic texture. Altogether, Gom Jabbar introduces fascinating yet unique musicality in “Do Alive” that makes this such a catchy pop tune that will be in our heads for a long time.

Make sure to check out “Do Alive” down below. What do you think? Let me know in the comment!

About the Artist: Gom Jabbar

Gom Jabbar is an unapologetic musical calamity from around the world.Expect tuneful original melodies, poetic lyrics, unconventional beats, and a wide range of voices from world instruments to bleeding-edge synths. Expect genres and musical traditions at once respected and reinvented. Instrumentations may range from tastefully acoustic and jazzy to contemporary electronic but they all serve to enhance the central theme of each song, and there is always, always a theme.

Some of Gom Jabbar’s influences include Sting, Buena Vista Social Club, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, The Shins, Eminem.