You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Grosh’s “Mr. Rogers” Features THIS That Makes It So Addictive

The Daily Feature: Grosh’s “Mr. Rogers” Features THIS That Makes It So Addictive

Today’s Daily Feature is “Mr. Rogers” by the American funk/pop-rock band Grosh. This tune features rock and funk all rolled up into one tune. It features bold, cool vocals from vocalist Megan that are smooth and slick. There is an interesting contrast in this song as there are parts that feature Megan’s slick vocalists and then (I think) guitarist Guitar’s earthy vocals. The two have an interesting musical interpolation through each other which both parts balance each other out. But, they come together in the chorus with so depth yet contrast in the vocals (main and harmonies)

Of course, you have to check out the instrumentation for this song too. It features a funky beat that is a blend of a guitar, horns, bass, and a lively drum beat. The main characters are the horns and rock as they, just the vocals, really compliment each other though are completely different sounds and possess opposite moods. With the guitar, horns, bass, and a lively drumbeat all coming together, these four elements in the instrumentation make “Mr. Rogers” by Grosh a really groovy tune!

If you are looking for a funky, lively song to get it up and dance, then you have to check out “Mr. Rogers” by Grosh. With its funky instrumentation and slick vocals, it is an ear-pleasing tune that is so good that you will have to listen to it over and over!

Make sure to listen to “Mr. Rogers” by Grosh down below and let me know what you think about it in the comments!

About the Artist: Grosh


Grosh is a high-energy rock band from Buffalo, NY featuring Grace Lougen, Josh English, Megan Brown, and Dylan Hund. Their visceral and captivating heavy rock sound can be heard at shows all across Western New York. The RockPit publication says Grosh “bridges the gap between the old school and newer rock fans.

Make sure to check out Grosh at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Spotify | Youtube | Apple Music | Twitter | Facebook

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Grosh's "Mr. Rogers" Features THIS That Makes It So Addictive

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  1. Kayla DiMaggio

    I’ve never heard of grosh before. I feel like I am learning so much about different types of music by reading these posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Arti

    Great post. It’s really interesting to get to know and check out different bands and music.

  3. Rose

    Thanks for sharing this song from Grosh.

  4. Mosaic Tiles

    I’ve never heard of Grosh up until now. They seem amazing, I love listening to new music.

  5. Melanie

    Love finding new artists!! Such a fun song!

  6. Oscar

    Thank you for telling us about their music. Are the music available in Spotify?

  7. Fransic verso

    It’s been a while since I listened to rock bands. This is new to me and seems awesome singer.

  8. Celebrate Woman

    One more discovery of a new artist. This group is so dynamic. I loved the video.

  9. Eric Gamble

    Interesting, I have never heard of Grosh before. After watching this video and listening to the music I feel like I just watch the love child of jamiroquai & early Bare Naked Ladies for so me reason. It is weird cause I dont hate the music but I wasnt very impressed with the vocals and I dont know if I could listen to this after several takes on loop. But I am a bizarre Gen X-er when it comes to music

  10. Alita pacio

    It`s always good to find new songs to add to my list. I checked out the instrumental of the song too and I love it

  11. Super ready to rock out with this song. Loving the vibes im getting from the band already!

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