Gurba’s “Saw You There”: a Track Influenced by 2000 Brit Art-Rock

It is getting hot here in Japan. Last week, it reached 33°C/91°F! Add in the extreme levels of humidity, it has become unbearable. I was sweating to work every day. Ugh!

But, something that is cooling me off is music. One tune that has alleviated the heart is Gurba’s newest single “Saw You There”. Influenced by 2000s British art-rock, it is a wonderful tune that features a blend dreamy electric guitars with lush synthesizers.

Listen to “Saw You There” below and let me know what you think in the comments!

His Second Single: “Saw You There”

Influenced by 2000s British art-rock, the song blends dreamy electric guitars with lush synthesizers, reminiscent of ‘In Rainbows’ era Radiohead. The momentum and sense of urgency created by the drums and bass build, as the vocals flow in a stream of consciousness. Rich harmonies akin to ‘Pet Sounds’ era Beach Boys swells with rapture over the instrumental. Through this blend, the 22-year old artist has crafted an art-rock single for the new decade. The track not only displays his raw talent as a multi-instrumentalist but as a producer that explores a unique sonic landscape. Gurba is currently ranked #3 in the Northeast Reverbnation Indie Charts.

It is a well-crafted tune with a beautiful balance between the dreamy instrumentation and Gurba’s smooth tenor vocals. It is a must-listen, especially around the 2:26 mark. This bridge is one of my favorite parts as it is so lush and dreamy! I love the instrumentation and the power of Gurba’s vocals.

What do you think of Gurba’s latest tune? Make sure to listen to “Saw You There” below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Gurba

Gurba is an artist living in New York City. He started singing in choirs in his youth. Throughout high school, he sang and wrote in rock bands throughout NYC and Long Island. Then in college, he was inspired to pursue the solo route upon being accepted to the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase.

This NYC-based artist is influenced by many artists such as Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and Neil Young.