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Exploring the Cinematic Soundscape in H A Z E’s “Shadow”

Cinematic dark pop bleeds into the romantic soundscapes. Relatable lyrics that are propped up by the expansive atmosphere that explores each word sonically. These are some of the experiences one will notice when listening to London-based Dark Pop artist H A Z E’s newest video single “Shadow”. Taken from the singer’s debut EP, “Shadow” bends the rules of musicality when it comes to creating an explosive soundscape where one can explore the space sonically. But, in which way is this done? And why is it so important to listen to this? Why does it make this song so pleasing to listen to? Find out below!

A Vast Exploration of Space Artistically


H A Z E’s “Shadow” is a dark-pop song that tells a tale of a love so deep that one gets lost in someone else until it is at the point of no return. The artist approaches this lyrical concept in a fascinating way by using the space to explore sounds and textures fully. The artist controls the vocal melodies with the various dips and dives with vocal texture to create hauntingly beautiful melodies that soar sonically. H A Z E’s vocals are brilliantly arranged to feature angel-like choir harmonies that are like Billie Ellish’s own: haunting but gorgeous.

But also, the production team behind this song uses the dreamy sounds of 80’s romantic new wave, the edginess of 90’s industrial grunge and the expansive contemporary dream-pop to paint this song’s soundscape. It is fascinating to hear the departures from the conventional guitar riffs that are influenced by the new wave genre but also grunge in such sections as the instrumental break. I love how that instrumental twists and turns into a thrilly romantic presentation that keeps the listeners on edge for something fabulous. However, don’t take this only section to listen for the expansive soundscape of the song exploring new sound textures and space for the whole song is something to be excited about.

Listeners should check out the video itself down below. It was directed by French videographer and photographer Adrien Combes. The video for “Shadow” is alluring to watch as it features a focus on colors, textures, and shadows that plastic arts create. However, it is exploded within the darker universe of the artist’s music. H A Z E and Adrien Combes do a fantastic job using the artist’s dark style to portray the aesthetics of the song’s lyrical theme. It is so mesmerizing to watch.

What do you like about H A Z E’s “Shadow”? Do you like the expansive soundscape, the lyrical theme, or the video itself? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: H A Z E

H A Z E'

Formerly known as the lead singer for rock band D’Haze, Hazel Smith embarks on a solo journey with her new project H A Z E. A cinematic dark pop style with hints of electro, she experiments with other genres such as synth wave and prog rock. Even though words and voices hold a central place in her solo work, H A Z E gives a lot of importance to sound design and arrangements to carefully craft each song’s sonic imprint and create a different ambiance each time, along with artistic imagery and visuals.

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Exploring the Cinematic Soundscape in H A Z E's  "Shadow"

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  1. Mosaic Portraits

    Oh wow! This is gorgeous…I love the video a lot, really amazing…Thanks for the share.

  2. momsshoutout

    wow, It’s my first actually to hear her voice and it’s so amazingly beautiful

  3. lightlysketched

    This song and it’s corresponding music video are utterly fascinating . It was like watching art in motion. The lyrics, theme, and cinematography are so harmonious. Thoroughly enjoyed!

  4. Indu

    You have wonderfully portrayed lyrical presentation of H A Z E’s Shadow. Amazing visuals. Curious to watch the whole video.

  5. Ramil Hinolan

    I admire artists or musicians who survive after their music group disbanded. So happy for Haze.

  6. Crystal S.

    I’m not really into pop culture and music but I love your love for the sound of this particular music.

  7. bye:myself

    The song is quite cool but what really impresses me the most how you describe it. In this post, your writing style is quite poetic, I like that a lot – and you really have a way with words 🙂

  8. danielle

    I love this. I need to watch the whole video now.

  9. Justin

    I have never heard this song, so thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Love the video and the music is amazing. Happy for what they planned and cheers to them and their future goals.

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