The Shocking Tunes of the Season: Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own

Post authorWhat is your favorite? is it from a movie? Is it from a TV show? One of my favorites is “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown.

“On Our Own” is a song that was produced by New Jack Swing heavyweights Babyface and LA Reid. The song served as the theme for the sequel to one of the most popular films in the 80s: Ghostbusters II.

Sure, many will say that the Bobby Brown song is nothing like the But, “On Our Own” still captures the original theme’s concept about paranormal activities running amack around New York City. But with this late 80s song, “On Our Own” charms listeners with its lively dance beat, funky arrangement, and smooth vocals.

Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”

The reason why I like “On Our Own” is that I love anything that is new jack swing, 80s’ R&B, or by Babyface. Speaking of Babyface, what I like best from “On Our Own” is Babyface’s smooth and sultry backing vocals, which you can hear a lot in the chorus. Another thing that I like is Bobby’s “on the edge” rapping skills. The single version doesn’t feature it, but the music video version includes that “one the edge” rap in the beginning.

Another positive for the song is how the producers combined the jolting synthesizer bits with the bass line that is akin to funk music. I like the pre-chorus that involves an interesting sub-melody by a classical piano with a guest solo appearance from that funky bass line.

The Music Video

The music video for “On Our Own” presents a pretty cool concept. It features numerous scenes around New York City. Bobby Brown, the back-up dancers, and various scenes from Ghostbusters II are highlighted on buildings and billboards around the city. While the music video does have various celebrities taking notice of these “photo-shopped” images, it also features everyday New Yorkers just strolling by, enamored by the movie clips. Of course, the appearance of Rick Moranis, a staple actor in any 80s or 90s kids’ film diet (see Honey! I Shrunk the Kids), is always a treat!

So if you feel like rapping “So they packed up their group, got a grip, came equipped, grabbed they Proton packs off their back and they split”, check the video below

What is your favorite movie song? Or, what is your favorite Halloween song? Let me know in the comments below!

About the Artist: Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown in 1989

Bobby Brown was once known as the bad boy of R&B back in the late 80s and early 90s. Growing up in the projects in Boston, Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, and two others formed the boy band New Edition in 1978. After a few more lineup changes, the group released their debut album Candy Girl in 1982. The title track was a huge success as a top 20 hit on the Billboard charts.

However, after the release of the group’s album, Bobby Brown became unhappy with how New Edition was handle. He felt like they weren’t being paid enough even though the group was selling well. He also was super jealous of bandmate Ralph Tresvant. He got the bad boy image during this time as he would do things against the management. He left the group in 1986.

After New Edition

Brown then went onto a solo career, releasing the mega-hit album Don’t Be So Cruel. The album’s success led to a huge concert tour. Bobby collaborated with several artists to release duet singles in the early 90s. One of the most famous duet singles was “Something In Common” with his then-wife Whitney Houston.

Though he hasn’t released any albums since 1997, Brown is still active in appearing as a guest vocalist or on tour. Most recently, he has been touring and getting back together with his former bandmates from New Edition.

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