You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Harris Allan’s “M.O.B.” Is Filled With Inspiration That You Have To Hear

The Daily Feature: Harris Allan’s “M.O.B.” Is Filled With Inspiration That You Have To Hear

Today’s Daily Feature is “M.O.B” by Canadian folk rock artist Harris Allan. Many may know Allan as an actor, appearing in such shows as Smallville (which is my favorite show of all time), Queer as Folk, and Cold Squad. But did you know he had a music career too? One of his latest singles is a must-listen for its inspiring lyrics. “M.O.B.” is an acronym for “Moments of Brilliance”. We all should try to capture life’s elusive Moments of Brilliance and hold onto them!

Here is what Harris Allan had to say about how he created the song:

 “I was playing with the phrase “Moments of Brilliance” and started singing “We’ll have moments of brilliance up in the sky” and it went from the general to the specific. “Be my Marilyn” started rolling off my tongue. I liked how it felt to keep repeating that and thought about Marilyn Monroe, so I looked into her life. That’s when I discovered her iconic relationship with Joe DiMaggio. Well, if she’s my Marilyn, I could be her…what? Her…Joe! The P.O.V. of “M.O.B.” is what it feels like to identify with an intense relationship--the good, the bad, the real.”

“M.O.B.” is a hook-driven track, especially with that catchy chorus line. But, it is also a tune that features Allan’s energetic, melodic vocals. With its high energy and catchy melodies, listeners will be singing along to “M.O.B.” in no time! It also features really brilliantly crafted lyrics to help inspire others to find their moments of brilliance in their daily lives.

Make sure to check out “M.O.B” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Harris Allan

Harris Allan

Harris Allan is a prolific songwriter and accomplished performer. His unique and compelling contemporary music finds its roots in Folk-Rock tempered by a vast range of life experiences. His new singles—“One Last Ride” and “All In”—are romantically moving and culturally relevant.

Beginning his career in music at 16 as a songwriter, Allan was lead singer and guitarist for Square9. The band released an EP recorded at Mushroom Studios in 2006 and performed in and around the Vancouver club scene.
Allan embarked on his solo music career in 2008 as hip hop/rap artist Fallan Soldier, writing, performing, and producing the songs for his album “Above the Call of Duty”, which was released in 2009. The album garnered success at college radio and charted on !Earshot. After the release of the music video “Fights” Allan toured throughout Western Canada as the headline artist for the “Move the Mountains” Tour.

Allan then became a DJ while continuing to refine his craft as a singer-songwriter and released “One Last Ride” on November 27, 2020. He co-produced a live stream release party and performed five of his songs. The live stream was broadcast three times to reach audiences in three time zones and subsequently uploaded to Allan’s YouTube channel. To date, the shows have received more than 700 views.

Make sure to check Harris Allan on the following sites:

Official Website | Spotify | Apple Music | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Facebook

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Harris Allan's "M.O.B." Is Filled With Inspiration That You Have To Hear

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