You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: The Captivating Lure of Haunter’s “Illuminate”

The Daily Feature: The Captivating Lure of Haunter’s “Illuminate”

I’m back with the Daily Feature. Sorry for the two months absent. But, now that I’m back, today’s feature is “Illuminate” by the American pop-rock band Haunter. The band had this to say about the song:

Illuminate at its core a love song. We wanted to write a song about those quiet moments in a relationship when you take a breath and realize that you’ve fallen completely and hopelessly in love with your partner. Something, as the way they look at you, ignites this response. We’re always sort of fascinated about that moment.

This is such an alluring song with its wonderfully crafted melodies, the feel-good vibes, and the captivating tones featured in the vocals. A pop-rock song with big hooks and pop sensibility, “Illuminate” grabs your attention right away in the beginning with those vocals from the lead singer. She got a really great tone that captures your attention instantly with its blazing, pop-like, soulful, and clear tones. These vocals are paired perfectly with ethereal guitars that present the song in an ambient mood. Of course, the addition of trap-style percussion is a really nice touch!

“Illuminate” by Haunter is a must-listen for your day today! You have to check it out now because it is such a great song! And don’t forget to check out the rest of Haunter’s discography as they have really great songs!

Make sure to check out Haunter’s “Illuminate” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Haunter


Haunter plans to continue recording and releasing music throughout the year as well as prepare for live stream concert events. They will also celebrate their first year of releasing music. “2020 was such a wild year for us. The whole world was rocked by the ongoing pandemic and it really threw a ton of uncertainty our way. We are fortunate to be in a place where we could release these songs. It’s been amazing to see how our songs are connecting with people. We’re thankful for everything,” states Schroeder, “When it’s safe to put on live shows, you can bet we’re going on the road and seeing everyone we can!”

The group is dedicated to creating uncompromising pop music and making genuine connections with listeners. As Lucy states, “Music that comes from love and heartbreak make the best songs in the world, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I think those concepts are things almost anyone can relate to and that’s really our goal here. We just want to make sure people understand they’re not alone in any of this.”

Make sure to check out Haunter at the following places:

Spotify | Instagram | Facebook

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The Captivating Lure of Haunter's "Illuminate"

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  1. sambo

    Very nice poster. I just like the Haunter’s facebook page too. Look forward to listen more to their music.

  2. Sabina Green

    I love the look of the band. I will have to listen to some more of their tracks. Great name too!

  3. Sarah Stockley

    I am loving the artwork on the poster. They sounds like my sort of band, I have a very mixed taste in music. I also think my husband would like them!

  4. Sonia Seivwright

    Great music. I love discovering new music as I am open to all music.

  5. Olufunke Kolapo

    I love the artwork too. Awesome music, would love to listen to this particular track.

  6. Sundeep

    This is such an great music. I would love to listen this music in loop.

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