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UK Synthpop Artist Heckyl Talks About “Side Where You Slept”

Heckyl is that little voice inside your head. Sometimes he’s quiet but he can also be the “monster underneath my bed, but at night he crawls into my head”… – this world is one where anxiety, love, and creativity come together. The UK Electropop / Synthpop artist recently talked to ai love music over email about his artistry, his inspirations, and the release of the single “Side Where You Slept” as well as two others. Find out what decade influenced Heckyl when writing this single. And how does the song talk about a “tough breakup”?

Make sure to check out Heckyl’s “Side Where You Slept” down below and let me know what you think!

First of all, please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you. 

So, I’m Luke Potter but my new artist project is called ‘Heckyl’. He’s that voice in my head or monster under my bed that often makes me anxious but, at the same time, also helps me be creative and write songs. All Heckyl songs are written, played, and produced by me in my Sweet Factory Studio here in the UK. 

How did you get into music? And how has that musical journey been? 

I’ve been writing and recording for nearly 10 years. For much of that time, I released songs as Luke Potter. Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to work with platinum-selling producers and Grammy award writers. It’s been a great journey and, whilst I’m now spending more time co-writing and producing for other artists, I’m planning on releasing lots of new Heckyl music (and maybe some Luke Potter songs too).

There’s a lot more here: 

What artists and musical genres influence you and your music? 

Everything! I love most genres as long as the song is good and connects lyrically. At the moment I’m listening to The Midnight, Dan + Shay, Dylan Dunlap, NF, and lots of other stuff.  The Goo Goo Dolls and their song “Iris” got me wanting to write songs… that and the fact that I grew up in a house with lots of great music being played 

How has 2021 been so far for you? 

It’s getting busier now that people can come to the studio again. When the lockdown was happening it was lots of ZOOM calls but that isn’t as good as working in the same room with people. I guess the free time has helped me concentrate on honing my production skills and I really enjoy the process of creating tracks. 

Happy to report I’m working on some really interesting projects that, hopefully, will be announced in a few months and I’m off to Sweden the US to write when the travel restrictions allow. 


Let’s talk about your latest release “Side Where You Slept”. What is it about? What inspired you to write it? In your press release, it is explained that this song has a cool retro sound. How did that come to be? What inspired that sound? 

“Side Where You Slept” captures that moment after a tough breakup where you haven’t quite come to terms with what you’ve lost, waking up in the middle of the night expecting to put your arms around your loved one and realising they’re not there.’  The lyric is something I think most people relate to and it just sort of wrote itself. 

As to the influences, I think it’s got a bit of The Midnight in there and my friends have said it sounds like The 1975 but without guitars haha. The retro thing is because members of my family and an older friend said it reminded them of the 80s band, Prefab Sprout which they told me was a compliment. 

I certainly didn’t plan to make a retro song; I just want to make music people want to listen to. 

How was production like? What is your favourite part of making the song? 

If I’m feeling it the process of writing and building a track just happens. If I have to think too much and the track is taking too long to come together that often means it isn’t working. At those times I have to be brutal with it and just move on to something new. 

“Side Where You Slept” was actually written and recorded in a day. It felt good and the initial feedback was great so that’s why I put it out there! 

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music? 

A lot of my songs are for people who maybe don’t have everything figured out quite yet, but who can, hopefully, find something in my words and music.  

What is next for Heckyl? 

Well, since “Side Where You Slept” I’ve released another single, “Free Falling Down” which you can find here on Spotify: 

And there’s another one, “Bubblegum” out on August 27th, 2021. The plan is to release a new one every 4-6 weeks so please look out for them. 

Make sure to check out Heckyl at the following:

Official Site | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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UK Synthpop Artist Heckyl Talks About "Side Where You Slept"

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