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London-Based Pop Artist Hedara Talks About Her Recent Releases

London-based Pop artist Hedara recently talked to ai love music via email about the release of her newest single “Afterglow” and EP Sad Girl Syndrome. Making her debut in 2019 with the single “Slow”, Hedara has gained huge support from Radio 2 via Jo Whiley, Dermot O’Leary, Radio 6 via Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing, and Soho Radio. Hedara has been working with Carey Willetts (Dermot Kennedy, Freya Ridings), Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Rhys Lewis, Paloma Faith), and artists Billy Lockett and James Smith. 

Find out below what inspired the pop artist to release Sad Girl Syndrome. And also, check out who she collaborated with on “Afterglow”! Make sure to check out the single and EP down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, please introduce yourself to those who might not know you!

I’m Hedara, a singer/songwriter living in London, UK! My music has been played on the major UK radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, KISS FM, and 6 Music. Currently writing new music, with a new EP ready to go, I will be releasing some more dance features in 2021, and playing some support shows throughout the year. I write a mix of sad girl-empowering pop!


How did you get into music? And how has your musical journey been like since then?

I got into music when I was young. My grandad was always showing me different genres of music. I started taking it seriously when I began learning how to sing classically and taking my grades. I was then lucky enough to go to the prestigious BRIT School where I studied music.

What musical genres and artists inspire you?

I appreciate all genres of music – but for me, artists like Julia Michaels, Halsey, and Jessie Ware really inspire me. I think they have such a clear sound, and push boundaries with interesting melodic and chordal ideas. They all write absolute bops!

You have worked with many great musicians and producers. What are your favorite memories? What is the greatest thing you learned from them?

One of my favourite memories was the day I wrote my first single “Slow”. I remember arriving at Carey Willetts (Dermot Kennedy) house and telling him a story about a “friend” that was starting to fall for someone, but this “friend” was really nervous – I was obviously the friend and he knew it! Haha. We sat and wrote the song that day and I remember just thinking – this is it, I’ve found “Hedara”

Let’s talk about your latest release “Afterglow”. What is it about?

Audox approached me about writing a topline for the instrumental he had. I loved it, and I wrote it during the lockdown. I think for me images of being out, enjoying life, seeing friends, partying, etc were at the forefront of my mind and I wanted to write something that encapsulated that. That’s why the first line of the chorus is “We only got one life so live fast” – as we’ve all learned this year, nothings a guarantee, so live life to the max!

How was working with Audox on this single?

It was really fun working with Audox. We are still yet to meet! Lockdown has been hard, but we got it done over WhatsApp/email, etc and we were both super happy with the final product. He’s lovely!

Let’s talk about the latest EP Sad Girl Syndrome. Was there a common theme you had throughout the album?

Sad Girl Syndrome was a truthful record. I wanted an EP to reflect who I was at that time – so it’s full of self-evaluation, stories of love, and stories of heartbreak. I always want the music that I release, to be honest.

What is the most important thing that you want listeners to listen for in your music?

If one person can resonate with one line and feel like someone else out there is feeling the same way as them then I’ve done my job. I want the listener to feel a sense of support and hope.

What are your future plans?

I plan on releasing my next EP in 2022 which am VERY excited about! I’ve got a support tour confirmed for the autumn and hoping to get some more gigs in!

Any musical words of wisdom to the readers?

Just keep going. Write what makes sense to you, and don’t try and be like anyone else. The best version of you is you!

Make sure to follow Hedara at the following sites:

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London-Based Pop Artist Hedara Talks About Her Recent Releases

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  2. That was a great interview! I haven’t listened to her songs yet, so I’ll surely check out her new songs 🙂 Thanks for sharing about her music journey❤️

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