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The Daily Feature: Hola Chica’s “Radio Girl” is Alluring Because of This

Today’s Daily Feature is “Radio Girl” by Spanish Indie Rock band Hola Chica. Whenever I listen to this song, I think of 80s bands like U2 or ABC. It might be the vocals as they remind me of Martin Fry and Bono. That is because the vocals of Hola Chica’s main vocalist have similar qualities: sultry low register (especially at the beginning) and sweet tones at the chorus. These vocals are really mesmerizing with their alluring features. They are a really good fit for the instrumentation.

Speaking of the instrumentation, “Radio Girl” features a bada** bass solo in the opening. It really sets the mood of the song and helps the singer reach those sultry low notes. I think the vocalist, the bass is one of the main players in this tone. The drum set and electric guitar have minor roles, being spotlighted here and there for a few seconds (especially the electric guitar at the end with its electrifying solo).

Hola Chica’s “Radio Girl” is such a fabulous indie rock with those alluring vocals and that bada** bass. It was well-written as well as addictive as listeners can listen to this song over and over with its upbeat rock tempo, sultry vocals, and delicious melodies. If you like a great upbeat rock song, then “Radio Girl” is for you!

Make sure to check out “Radio Girl” by Hola Chica and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Hola Chica

Hola Chica

Hola Chica is a 5 piece indie-pop band from Barcelona founded in 2013. Their sound has been influenced by bands such as Air, Metronomy, Blur, Foster The People, or Pond. On a base of guitars and pop melodies, they add a good dose of synths achieving a fresh and danceable sound that’s elegant and catchy.

They presented their debut album, Magnetism, in November 2016. The LP was recorded in the studios Blind Records of Barcelona with the production of Valen Nieto, Marc Cros, and Santos Berrocal (Mucho Love of Lesbian, Sidonie or Ivan Ferreiro). The album and first video have been well received by key national music media, Mondo Sonoro, Neo2 Magazine, Jenesaispop and complemented by radio performances on prestigious RTVE amongst others.

Hola Chica transfers their songs into the live show by adding an extra dose of strength and psychedelia and creating an ever-evolving sound. Last year the band have played in several cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and also in music festivals like Taubertal Festival (Germany) and BIME Festival 2017 in Bilbao. Even achieving 2 sold-out concerts on the close of the “Magnetism” Tour in Sala Boite (Madrid) and Barts Club (Barcelona).

After a few years on the road, Hola Chica presents their new album MARBELLA, making another step in the development of their sound. Eleven songs are covert with energy and a production full of details.

Make sure to follow Hola Chica at the following sites:

Official Site | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

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Hola Chica's "Radio Girl" is Alluring Because of This

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  1. Ivan Jose

    I love the video and I like how they sound. They remind me so much of the 80s and 90s bands. I hope we get more music like this.

  2. Meera

    Interesting. It reminds me of U2. I love the visuals btw. It’s cool 🙂

  3. Ramil Hinolan

    The band’s MTV is interesting. i liked how it was executed making use of camera works.

  4. Aditi

    I had not heard the song before, but I played the video and loved it 😍

  5. Dominique

    This does feel like a song from my childhood! which would be the eighties. I hadn’t heard of this group before but they do bring back fun memories! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kate

    I agree about this track sounding very 80s – totally took me back! Not heard of the band, but I like the track!

  7. Mosaic Murals

    I love the song and the tune, very catchy!!! The video is awesome as well….super cool…

  8. Nkem

    Sweet! Love your explanation as well. Thanks!

  9. Alita Pacio

    I started listening tot his song and I really like it. Its now on my playlist

  10. Fransic verso

    I haven’t heard a lot of Spanish songs but this seems interesting. Usually, I listen to reggae music but will check this as well. Thank you for sharing!

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