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How Levina Lye’s `More of Me’ is Uniquely Real

Our favorite songs are usually our favorites due to many things. These can be the catchy melodies, the instrumentation, or our favorite albums. Yet, the lyrics must speak to us on a personal level for a song to be our ultimate favorite. The message found in the lyrics can resonate in our lives as we reflect back on our experiences or our own dreams through the tune.

Levina Lye’s More of Me is a brilliant mashup of meaningful messages and catchy melodies. But, why? Why is it a brilliant mashup? What inside these meaningful messages and catchy melodies that make them so special? The answer lies in the…

(Make sure to listen to the EP below and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.)

How Does More of Me Stand Out?

Levina Lye

What makes Levina Lye’s More of Me so special is how uniquely real it is. Each song featured in EP shows a different side of life.

You have “What If I”, which is a mid-tempo song about the decisions and consequences that we face in life. And then you have “Monsters”: high energy, an electronic tune that details the roles of victims and monsters in a relationship. The next track, “Your Song”, is about the feelings and the decision to make after finding out the one you loved just cheated with another. And “I’m Star” is about self-confidence; be the star that you are. Finally, “Dear God” is the final track that is a positive musical letter to God, Lye’s loved ones, and herself, thanking everyone for everything.

Each message found embedded in the tracks of Levina Lye’s More of Me can be interlaced in our personal lives. Gratitude, the what-ifs, the guilt, the happiness, and the anger. These are some of the emotions featured in the EP, yet we have experienced these before in our lives. This makes More of Me seem really real and genuine.

More of Me is a must-listen for its unique melodies. But also for Lye’s talent in songwriting and singing, crafting each song with different flavors. Finally, what More of Me a recommended listen is for its realness: interlacing personal experiences and feelings in each track.

Listen to More of Me down below and let me know you think of the tracks below. Does anyone of them resonate in your life right now? Let me know in the comments below.

About the Artist: Levina Lye

Levina Lye

Born in one of the liveliest boroughs of New York City, The Bronx, Levina Lye has been singing since the age of three and was presented with many awards at a young age. When her parents relocated her to a more peaceful setting in Upstate New York, the newfound silence helped her to cultivate feelings of loneliness, standing out, and being a rebel into poetry which would later become songs on her two EPs: Pieces of Me and More of Me.

She has covered songs by a wide array of artists to 6lack, Adele, Drake, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and more, as a way to sway the world over to her own poetic songs. Her covers became known as The Emo Queen Remix’s, as she began to own every song she took on. Levina Lye’s rendition of “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd spread like wildfire and was even banned in Germany for a bit!

Her first EP Pieces Of Me has been critically acclaimed by several members of the press such as The Urban Daily, Soul Train, All Hip Hop, The Hype Magazine, Swurv Radio, and many more through the years. Her singles “Fade Away” and “Fall” were international successes. “Fall” charted number four on the Coca Cola countdown in Africa.

Writing for me has always and will always be how I express myself as a human being. Those who truly know me know that I am music, I literally live and breathe it. It is a piece of my soul, hence why my first project is titled Pieces of Me and my second More of Me. Every song that I write is a very personal piece of myself that I give away to the people who support me

Levina Lye is a real artist, a true musician if you will. October of last year she released her second EP More Of Me which is taking the world by storm. On this EP she unleashed some harsh truths on her single “Your Song”,
and personal thoughts that she felt her supporters needed to know. Everything she does is for them and to let them know that as they grow, she grows alongside them, truly showing that she is human in every sense of the word.

Make sure to check out Levina Lye at these sites:

Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Apple Music | Soundcloud

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How Levina Lye's `More of Me' is Uniquely Real

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