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How Terrie Expresses the Different Types of Love in the Single “Sunset”

What is love?

A question that has been asked since the beginning of time. People have expressed their own answers to the question in different forms: in songs, in movies, in literature, and in dance. But, that is not the only question that deals with love!

How do you express love?

How do we feel love?

How do we communicate love?

Terrie Rimson, or simply known as Terrie, answers these questions through her music. I talked with the West Coast-based singer-songwriter on Facebook about how she expresses love in her music, her recent release (“Sunset” from the debut album Threads of Love), and what music and love mean to her. Read on to find out about Terrie and her music, but also to listen to her music below. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

About Terrie

Music has no boundaries.

Music has no expiration date.

Music means nothing if it doesn’t touch the soul. 

Music has to touch the soul.

Terrie started off as a gospel artist as she grew up in a church that sang a lot of modern gospel. Her mom is an evangelical preacher and has close connections to the gospel community. Due to this, Terrie knows a lot of gospel musicians, like The Clark Sisters along with Walter Hawkins and the Hawkins Family.

But, as time went by, the West Coast-based singer felt that gospel music and the church itself was restricting her creativity and her music. She felt like both were putting her into a box. She wanted more, more than what gospel and the church could do for her musically. Thus, she shifted towards R&B/Soul in recent years. Gospel is her foundation. But, it is with R&B/Soul music that has her spread her wings and fly away. 

When talking about her music goals as an artist, Terrie wants her music to be about love. She believes that love has no boundaries. There are different types of love: agape, family, relationship, friendship, and etc. And, she wants to express all these types of love in her music. To do so, she shifted from gospel to R&B/Soul as she could spread love through her music to people, regardless of what kind of music they listen to, around the world. 

When listening to the album as well as Terrie’s music, the singer wants listeners to listen for the love. She wants people to listen to all types of love in her music as they are presented in the beats, the melodies, and her voice.

Behind the Sound Featured In Terrie’s Music


Terrie’s music is mostly based in R&B/Soul. Furthermore, her music is influenced by the sounds from the 80s and 90s. Terrie believes that is where the sense of “real love” comes from. The singer believes that modern R&B doesn’t really express real love. But instead, the lyrics found in these songs are sometimes harmful, especially towards women. And plus, a lot of the newer R&B features trap music, which Terrie feels like that kind of music doesn’t express “real love”.

Some artists that influenced Terrie’s music are Chaka Khan, Peabo Bryson, Teddy Pendergrass, Natalie Cole, and Whitney Houston. The 80s and 90s have a huge influence on the artist. 

One of the most interesting things about Terrie is that people will come up and tell her she sounds like Anita Baker or Whitney Houston. The reason why is because of how Houston will start the song: with a light (soft) volume/tone and then belt out. How Terrie sings is what reminds listeners about Houston’s singing in soft and light tones. Listeners are reminded about Houston and Baker’s singing because of how Terrie executes her singing in a similar way. 

Expressing Love in “Sunset”

Terrie’s son actually wrote “Sunset”, both the lyrics and the melody. Terrie told me that her son wrote the song because he wanted to write this song for his girlfriend. A sunset reminds him of their love: it’s warm and beautiful. 

The song “Sunset” really embodies a true sunset musically from the first note. It is full of warmth and a laid-back yet positive vibes through each note. My favorite part, the chorus, is one example of how the melody embodies the sun setting. Besides that, the lyrics really demonstrate a deep love through a sunshine metaphor. With the beautiful melodies and well-written lyrics, the “cherry on the top” for “Sunset” is Terrie’s vocals as they are full of warmth, passion, and smooth yet positive vocal tones. “Sunset” is such a relaxing, soothing, and beautiful tune about being madly in love. A must listen to on any occasion.

About the music video for “Sunset”, Terrie told me that it was shot on a single camera and by using a drone on Sunset Boulevard. When coming up with a concept about the music video, she thought, “This song is about sunsets, so let’s use Sunset Boulevard!”. Isn’t it such a lovely music video that is full of love and warmth?

About Her Debut Album: Threads of Love

“Sunset” is from Terrie’s 2018 album Threads of Love. This album is filled with nine tracks that have their own charm and music characteristics. It is hard to pick a favorite as each song is unique and has its own qualities that make it so good. Listen to the album down below. Which one is your favorite?

(And if you don’t know what to listen to first, you can listen to “Sunset” or Terrie’s cover of the classic tune “Love Come Down”. It is such a wonderful take on the Evelyn “Champagne” King tune.)

What is Next For Terrie

Terrie is in the beginning stages of writing/producing a new album. She doesn’t know exactly when she will release the new album — probably around 2021 — as she wants to take her time in writing and creating the music.

She will continue to write the songs in the vein of Threads of Love as she wants to explore more about love. Yet, she wants to approach the concept of love in a sophisticated way in this upcoming album. The reason why is when she released Threads of Love, Terrie was experimenting with R&B/Soul as the album was her first foray into the genres.Threads of Love was an experiment of sorts. Now that she has experience in those two genres, Terrie wants to explore the R&B/Soul soul deeper in the second album. 

While writing music for the next album, Terrie will continue to tour and hold concerts. She usually has live concerts in the L.A. area or in Vegas. Even the West Coast-based singer feels a pull towards the West Coast in terms of performing live, she hopes to have chances to perform on the East Coast and in the Midwest. She hopes to perform at more concerts and live events in the future. 

Terrie is hoping to get into acting once more and land some roles. She is also an actress and has been in many plays in the New York City area. Terrie also wants to restart her docuseries that she made when she was a gospel singer. She would love to restart the series as it was really fun to make!

Terrie told me that she is always thinking upwards: never limiting her actions and always thinking about the next step. 

Where to Find Terrie

You can find Terrie, her music, and information about her music and her upcoming lives at the following sites:

Official Website // Spotify // Facebook // Apple Music // Youtube // Twiiter // Instagram // Reverbnation

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How Terrie Expresses the Different Types of Love in the Single "Sunset"

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