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A Bouquet of Hydrangeas for this Battle of the Bands

It is the beginning of the rainy season here in Japan. From late May to the end of June, the days are filled with clouds and rain. Lots of gloom to go around as it can be a disheartening time. Although, I wonder if we will see many rainy days this year as this week’s weather is supposed to be sunny. Perhaps, only time will tell?

Like I mentioned last year in the “Battle of the Songs: The Decisive Battle During Rainy Season With These Prince-penned Songs“, a lot of hydrangeas appear during this season. It is my favorite flower as it is soooooooooooo beautiful. I am so lucky that it is the official flower of the ward (or a section of Nagoya) that I live in. Here is a picture of me with some early bloomers this Saturday near the ward office:

Me with hydrangeas

Which Shade of Hydrangea Do You Want?

I want to dedicate this battle to my favorite flower. Yes, there was a battle about hydrangeas last year. But, this flower is soooooo beautiful to not have a battle for.

Yet, purple is not the only color that these late spring flowers come in. They also come in a variety of blues and pinks. And each color has a meaning: blue means frigidity and apology, pink means heartfelt emotion, and purple means a desire to deeply understand someone. My favorite color of these beautiful flowers is always going to be blue!

For this battle, I picked three songs that mention a shade of hydrangeas: “True Blue” by Japanese rock band LUNA SEA, “Cielo Purpura” by Eddy Cantor and friends, and “Růžový Sen” by Czech singer and actress Heidi Janků. Listen to all three of the songs and let me know what song is your favorite in the comments below.

Blue: “True Blue” by LUNA SEA

To represent the shade of blue hydrangea is “True Blue” by LUNA SEA. This Japanese rock band was famous in the 90s. however, I am not much of a fan of them. Maybe my brother is but not me. The only thing I know about the band is the drummer is married to a former member of my favorite Jpop group (Morning Musume) and that Sugizo, the lead guitarist and violinist, is now part of X JAPAN.

“TRUE BLUE” sounds like something I heard when I was in high school during the punk rock hype. When I was looking for songs about blue, I found this and I like it. As someone who was surrounded by punk rock, “TRUE BLUE” is a perfect rock song. Not too overpowering but powerful in another way. It is also addictive with the guitarist solo throughout the song and the soothing vocals.

Purple: “Cielo Purpura” by Eddy Cantor

Like “TRUE BLUE”, I found the song representing purple hydrangeas on Spotify too. There is not a lot of information about this except that “Cielo Purpura” The Purple Heaven was released this year. It is such a soothing song with the female and male vocals and the instrumentation.

Pink: “Růžový Sen” by Heidi Janků

For the shade of pink hydrangeas, I choose “Růžový Sen” A Pink Dream by Czech singer and actress Heidi Janků. I had a hard time find a song about pink as I already mentioned my favorite, which is “Pink Sunshine” by Fuzzbox, last year. And, it was hard because whenever I typed in “rosa” (pink in different languages), I got songs about roses. But, I finally found a song about pink with Heidi Janků.

This song is my new earworm! I have been listening to the song over and over since yesterday when I found it. I love the 80s vibes within the tune. I also love the electric guitar, especially the funky sub melody during the chorus. I did at first pick this song because it was in Czech (and my mom’s family is from there). But now that I have listened to over and over, I love it! I just want to play it the next time I talk to my grandpa!

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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A Bouquet of Hydrangeas for this Battle of the Bands

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  1. joanna

    I like hydrangeas as well. When I used to live with my grandma she had a big bush of them in the garden, and I used to water them every evening in summer. She loved them!

    1. Rose Ann Sales

      Such a pretty flower. I love the purple variety,it looks great and alive to me. And the meaning is cute and unique.

    2. Blair villanueva

      I am actually looking for hydrangeas for my new garden. They will be a great addition this coming spring.

  2. Aditi

    Oh I love the purple colour of this flower and you look equally beautiful sitting along with it. The blue one intrigues me too, the beautiful colours of nature, never fail to amaze.

    1. Sophia John

      Loved the collection. Thank you for sharing


        Although blue symbolizes peace and pink signifies love, purple and any related shades colour my world haha

  3. Neely

    These were all quite enjoyable! I love when you post music I had t heard!

  4. Bella

    Plants are my life, I didn’t know much about hydrangeas until after reading this!!! thanks for sharing.

  5. Krysten Quiles

    Oooh I like all of these. Thanks for the new music friend, you always help to broaden my horizons.

  6. Amber Myers

    How pretty! I will have to listen to these songs for sure when I have the time. I love music!

  7. Stephanie

    Hydrangeas are so beautiful! I think my favorite of the songs is purple. It also happens to be my favorite color.

  8. I like hydrangeas too – such pretty plants! I think the blue ones are my favourites…

  9. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower too. I have all kinds of varieties. I love the colored ones, the one ones, the lacecap ones…every single type of hydrangea. Great choice of plant! I just wrote a post on propagating hydrangeas. 🙂 LOL

  10. Marie Phillips

    My hydrangeas are blooming! They are blue which are pretty, but I prefer purple. I try to change the PH in the soil to change the color but this year I forgot. And I had never heard of any of these songs. You always have really fresh material, no matter how old or new the songs are.

  11. Julia Hess

    I absolutely love hydrangeas. The idea of pairing their colors with songs is a wonderful idea.

  12. WorldInEyes

    Purple is my fav color and this Flower hydrangeas looks so beautiful and stunning…Thanks for sharing such great info..Great work…

  13. Natalia

    These flowers are very beautiful! I wish I had a small garden where I could plant them freely. I love the purple ones! 🙂

    1. Mary

      I absolutely love hydrangeas, their vibrant colours speak volumes. It is a struggle choosing a fovourite because they’re all so beautiful.

  14. Tara Pittman

    I like Cielo Purpura the best. It has a nice beat to it that I like

  15. Kristyn

    I love those types of flowers too, they are just so beautiful when in bloom.

  16. Angela

    I loved learning about this bands! I had not ever listened to them before, but very cool music!!!

    1. Elizabeth O

      I love pink and purple hydrangeas because that is what I had in my garden abd neighborhood. I love flowers in all shades frankly.

  17. chad

    I really feel bad for not knowing these tunes, amazing1!!!! And I loooooove plants and nature.

  18. Renee

    I vote for True Blue and I love hydrangeas too!

  19. catherine santiago jose

    I have never heard of this tunes before but they are great.
    I like the purple color of your Hydrangeas they are so beautiful!

  20. Arlee Bird

    I liked all of these for different reasons.

    When I saw the name Eddie Cantor I was expecting to hear the old vaudevillian with the googly eyes. I enjoyed the laid back Latin vibe. The Pink song like for you reminded me of a lot of stuff I used to listen to back in the 80’s and still enjoy hearing.
    But appropriately since blue is my favorite color, that was also my favorite performance. I liked the energy and drive of the song. Give my vote to Luna Sea.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  21. kumamonjeng

    The Jpop has reminded my days in Japan, love music, and how they perform on stage, full of energy.

  22. Fransic verso

    These are amazing! plants in Japan are beautiful and would love to visit it in the spring or summer.

  23. Sundeep

    My favourite is purple. Good to know about these bands. Hydrangeas are so pretty. Thanks for sharing

  24. Brooke r

    Love listening to new music I will check these out and I love your reference to hydrangeas they are my favorite

  25. Alyssa

    That flower definitely looks amazing! I’ve just been to Japan last March and I really had a great time. Thanks for sharing these songs, I’ll listen to it now.

  26. Cassandra

    I’ve never heard of some of the songs but I will be adding them to my playlist

  27. Neil Alvin

    Those flowers are as beautiful as the new songs you shared today. 🙂

  28. Karen Smedley

    There aren’t many flowers I don’t like but I really don’t like hydrangeas. They were everywhere when I was a child. I didn’t like them then and I can’t bring myself to like them now. But your music choices are great!

  29. Hydrangeas and music, very creative. Not familiar with these songs so I listened and found Tru Blu to be my favorite in the Battle of the Bands!

  30. Jim

    Amazing post. Very inspiring! Something we all need these hard times. Keep up the good job!

  31. sumit walia

    “Růžový Sen” A Pink Dream is to whom my vote goes to .. it is indeed one that grows on you as you listen

  32. Cyndi Buchanan

    I have hydrangeas that I need to plant in my yard. Love them.

  33. Agnes

    The colors and the shape of this flowers captivates it’s beauty. They are just lovely!

  34. Lavern

    I always look forward to your battle of the bands and today I loved your prince inspired outfit.

  35. catha uy

    i love hydrangeas and it is my favorite flower. it blooms in Japan during rainy season.

  36. Eddy Cantor

    Hi Amy, this is Eddy the singer songwriter of ´Cielo púrpuraI´ purple is definitelly a beautiufll color I´m glad you found in my song a feelling that matches the sensation of theese amazing flowers, thank you

  37. CA

    I have not seen actual hydrangeas yet, but they are beautiful. My vote will definitely go to A Pink Dream for this battle.

  38. Louise

    Hydrangeas are so beautiful – I especially love purple ones. However, in this case I’m going to have to choose blue. Great song!

    Louise x

  39. Cheeia

    I’ve been wanting to grow my own plants on my balcony. Thanks for inspiring me.

  40. pooja

    Such an inspiring mix!! love the music

  41. I love hydrangeas too! Blue is more common around here, but I’d love to see pink. As for songs, the Ruzovy Sen one is my pick!

  42. tweenselmom

    I have never heard these songs before but it seems interesting, thank you for sharing an interesting article! 🙂

  43. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Defnitely a different perspective when you get to compare a gorgeous flower to a battle of the band. Who would have thought?

  44. Monidipa

    The songs are so good. I loved them all. It was like honey for me right in the morning…

    1. Eswari

      Thay flower really beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these songs, Love the music

  45. Marta

    Cool music. My grandmother always told me that hydrangeas change color because they were kissed by faries in the midnight.

  46. Erum Zehra

    Such beautiful flowers, so delicate and feminine!

  47. Renata

    this is such a creative approach and such an original post. a bit crazy, but amazing just the same. what impresses me most that you’ve found a singer from the Czech republic to add 😉

  48. Stephen T. McCarthy

    The first song I didn’t care for. To my ears, it just sounded like a Japanese imitation of about a thousand and one American Rock bands… none of whom I liked even in their original American format.

    The third song wasn’t bad, but a bit too Disco-fied for my tastes.

    However, I REALLY enjoyed Purple: “Cielo Purpura”, so that’s where my BOTB bote lands!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  49. Fabulous Perks

    The boldness of these flowers is so eye-catching. They are so beautiful, I would love to have them in my garden.

  50. Veronika Sykorova

    Oh Ruzovy sen was my moms favorite song! I’m from the czech republic haha so weird to come across a czech song out of nowhere

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I am actually a quarter Czech and celebrate Czech traditions in my family. I hope to visit the place where my great-grandparents came from! Ruzovy sen is such an awesome song. I want to learn Czech someday and more songs.

  51. paolo

    I vote for True Blue by LUNA SEA. I love the Blood stain child cover

  52. Mariah green

    My mom loves hydrangeas. Luna Sea definitely gives me blue hydrangea vibes.

  53. Polly

    I’d be bias… I choose True Blue as I’m a fan of Luna Sea. I also enjoy Cielo Purpura by Eddy Cantor but yup, True Blue all the way! 😁

  54. SMS

    Very good article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our site. Keep up the great writing.

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