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"I Gotta Get It": Striving for Our Aspirations

“Gotta Get It”

When you hear this phrase, what does it mean for you? Does it mean to get a newly released frappuccino at Starbucks after work? Or, working hard towards your dream so you can get what you desire? For me, I have a lot of thoughts and aspirations. My short-term goal is to study hard for the Japanese Business exam I have to take in November and passing that. And then, one of the long-term goals is figuring out what I want to do next year (and life). Do I want to be a teacher or do I want to change careers and go into a Japanese speaking environment? Or do I want to do something else in life?
Whether it is achieving short-term or long-term goals, we had those moments where we have to get it. But how about others? What do the others that surround us want?

The True Meaning of “I Gotta Get It”

American rapper Flo explores his own desires and aspirations in his song “Gotta Get It”. He expresses them clearly through the lyrics. During the chorus, he raps about the various things that he needs to get: the sneakers that say Saint Laurent, the penthouse, the Mercedes Benz, and other things. Even though these materialistic needs, Flo does point out something significant at the final: “It is your life, you can do anything you want”. Regardless of what anyone tries tell you or tries to control your life, you are in the commander’s chair for your life. It is your life, live it the way you want to!
The verses are like the chorus as Flo raps about his dreams. He uses metaphoric phrases, to expresses his dreams. For example, “I am filling like Diddy” and “look how I run the city” could allude to how big of a star Flo wants to be. He also uses narrative language to tell his plans for the future; what actions will he take and what he dreams of. What he uses of language is impressive as he describes his dreams and aspiration in a captivating way.

Turn That Into a Beat

The song starts off with a deep bass synthesizer dropping the beat. Meanwhile, the drumbeat, which keeps the beat, is high-energy as it is set on a higher BPM. Yet, the deep bass synthesizer and the drumbeat isn’t overpowering, it attracts the listeners to the song easily in some sort of way. It is also easy on the ears, especially the soft opening in the beginning.
But, the magic of “Gotta Get It” is Flo’s rapping style. Flo’s skillful rapping is smooth, there aren’t uneven beats or choppiness between his rhythms. Each line of the verses has the same energy, a steady flow, and displays Flo’s talented rapping style.
My favorite part of the song is the call and response Flo employs during the chorus. Even though it’s done in one voice, it sounds like two: one who keeps on saying “I Gotta Get It” while the other lists their desires. This part is crafted so well.
How about you, what is your favorite part? What are your dreams and aspirations? Comment below!
You can listen to Flo’s “Gotta Get It” below:
(Warning; There is some language that is not suitable for children)


About The Artist

Atlanta native artist known as “Flo” is integral in molding Atlanta’s Hip Hop culture. Influenced by Michael Jackson, Biggie, Jay-Z, and 2pac, Flo captivates audiences, utilizing narrative language, metaphoric phrases, and southern vernacular. As a composer, producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter, Flo bestows his passion into relatable music.
Born in East Atlanta, raised in West Atlanta, he absorbed the surrounding culture which helped influence his music and evolve Flo to the musician he is today. Flo began writing music and rapping at an early age and continues to create world-class music with Projects 5points and Westbound which will be released soon. This groundbreaking artist is sure to break records and enhance the music industry with his timeless artwork.
Check out Flo on Instagram, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook under AskwhoFlo.

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