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“I’ll Jump” With This 90s’ Namie Amuro Tune

Happy very late #SongLyricsSunday! I had a presentation yesterday on teaching preschool while I came down with a cold (the weather here is a rollercoaster: one day hot and the next day super cold). However, I really wanted to write about this week’s prompt, which is about personal pronouns, because I wanted to feature an oldie by my favorite singer, Namie Amuro.

Now, I have mentioned about Namie Amuro many times before. You can have a song by this fantastic artist for each #SongLyricsSunday prompt. But, the reason why I choose her 1996 song “I’LL JUMP” isn’t about Namie Amuro herself, but one of the musicians featured on the track: Sheila E.

Namie Amuro’s Sweet 19 Blues

Sheila E

Namie Amuro’s second album, which was released on the cusp of her 19th birthday, was filled with various musicians from the West and Japan who had some traction in Japan in the 90s. Of course, Tetsuya Komuro spearheaded all the music on the album as he was the producer for most of Namie’s music from 1995 to 2001. But it also features other musicians like Sheila E, Lynn Mabry from Sly and the Family Stone, m.C.A.T (who was one the pioneers in Japanese rap), sessions guitarist Michael Thompson, Neil Stubenhaus, and Randy Waldman (who is known for Barbra Streisand’s “Somewhere”).

Sheila E is featured in “I’LL JUMP” as the percussionist and a backup singer with her friend Lynn Mabry. You can hear her unique drumming style in the opening. I really love Sheila E for her unique drumming style and just her musical flare. She is my favorite artist that was produced by Prince.

(BTW, Sheila E and I share the fifth degree of separation. I am from Waldorf, Maryland, which is the hometown of Good Charlotte. One of the band’s singers, Joel Madden, is married Nicole Ritchie, who is the biological niece of Sheila E. Crazy world, isn’t it?)

I Will Jump For Your Love

Tetsuya Komuro

“I’LL JUMP” was written by Tetsuya Komuro, which surprised me because he normally lets someone else write the lyrics. He has produced thousands of songs over his music career that spans about 40 years. It seems like Sweet 19 Blues was the first album that Komuro wrote lyrics on as wrote seven songs on the album. I am surprised to learn this, first time seeing Komuro penning songs, as I didn’t know he had it in him with words.

Namie Amuro on SWEET 19 BLUES cover

The lyrics are very basic, as the song is basically an album filler. There isn’t much meaning behind the song as there isn’t a lot going on. It is mostly about “opening something” or “jumping for something”. The song’s chorus and the bridge are mainly sung in Japanese, but the verses are in Japanese. The verses convey the meaning of a girl who wants to be in a relationship with a boy she likes, thus she will jump for his love, her hopes, and her dreams.

The reason why I love this tune is that I really enjoy singing it, especially during the call and response at the beginning with Lynn and Namie. It is fun to sing Lynn’s parts as she adds a depth to the song with her low alto vocals. I also like to sing Namie Amuro’s vocal parts too as she sings in an alto range that is really easy to sing in.

Check out “I’LL JUMP” below and let me know what you think about the song in the comments!

The Lyrics

Here is the English translation of the lyrics to “I’ll Jump”, thanks to JpopAsia:

Wow… Wow…
Lift me up
Wow… Wow…
Wow… Yeah…
Wow… Yeah…

*Open your eyes, open your arms
Open your mind, open your gate
Open your eyes, open your arms
Open your mind, open your gate


+I will jump, jump, jump! For your love
I will jump, jump, jump! For your dreams
I will jump, jump, jump! For my life
I will jump, jump, jump! For my dreams

I’m welcoming tomorrow like this
But why do I keep on crying?
It makes me a little bit frustrated
And yet you won’t understand such a simple thing
I can’t explain any more of it in words
I want to get closer to you

Repeat +

When my skin touches yours like that
It gets the message across with a huge passion
I doubt I can hold it back for much longer
I bet my love is crying out
You can draw all kinds of meanings from this
But I want to move forward

Repeat +

Wow… Yeah…
Wow… Yeah…

Repeat * (Two Times)

Repeat + (Two Times)

Lift me up, lift me up
Lift me up, lift me up
Lift me up, lift me up
Lift me up
Wow yeah lift me up
Lift me up, lift me up
Wow yeah lift me up
Lift me up


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"I'll Jump" With This 90s' Namie Amuro Tune

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