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The Meaning Behind IRYS’s Newest Single “Circles”

Berlin-based electropop singer-songwriter and producer IRYS recently talked to ai love music via email about her influences, future plans, and the release of her newest single “Circles”.  Born and raised in a small town in the Bavarian mountains,  Irys is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer. Moving to Berlin to pursue music more seriously, Irys writes, records, and produces all her music independently. “I think a song often loses its originality when it goes through too many hands. I found that my best work happens when I trust my gut. I’m all about independence, unique music, and the empowerment of female producers  – and I wish that in the future, more music we hear daily is really finished by women.”

Continue to read to find out what did IRYS mean when saying “I found that my best work happens when I trust my gut” about making music. Also, find out what inspired the artist to write “Circles” and what does she want listeners to take away from it. You can listen to IRYS’s “Circles” down below and let me know what you think!

Hey! How are you? Could you please tell me a little about yourself!

Hey there! I’m IRYS, a Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer. I make dark electro-pop with a note of darkwave and goth. I started putting out my music in March ’21 and just released my fourth single, “Circles “, and there’s more music coming up this year!


How did you get into music? What has that journey been like?

I‘ve been making music since I was a kid; I sang in a choir and started playing guitar when I was 12. When I got into songwriting, it initially was more like therapy for me; I wasn’t really interested in sharing my songs, as they felt so personal. This changed when I moved to Berlin some years ago, and I started to pursue music more seriously. After working with different producers and musicians on my songs, I understood that this was not the right path for me. I had such a detailed vision of my music that I wanted to create it on my terms only. So I learned to produce and started my solo project this year.

You have mentioned that acts like Boy Harsher and The Weekend are your biggest influences. Any particular reason why?

It’s actually hard to pin down my biggest influences, as I listened to so much great music over time! But I definitely like the darker undertones, and I like music that creates images in my mind. That’s what happens when I listen to both Boy Harsher and The Weekend. Then, of course, the production quality of The Weekend is great, and the same goes for his feel for melodies. When it comes to Boy Harsher, I love that their tracks sound emotional and cold at the same time. The Weeknd and Boy Harsher are on the playlist I listen to when I take a walk through the city at night!

You mention in your press release that “I found that my best work happens when I trust my gut”. Could you elaborate on this more?

Sure! I have made the experience that nothing good happens when you go against your gut; for example, I worked with a producer earlier who wanted to give my songs more of “his“ sound. Listening to the outcome of this collaboration, I got a nearly painful physical reaction as my songs sounded so different from how I intended them to sound. This also goes the other way round; if something sounds right, I feel it in my body.

So, for me having the ability to produce myself is important ‘cause I have such a clear vision of my music, and I work best on my own! That, of course, is different for everyone. But no matter how you work, I think it’s crucial to listen to that gut voice, which is sometimes not the loudest  – but always right!

Let’s talk about your latest release “Circles”. What is it about?

“Circles” is about having ruminating thoughts. Some years ago, I went through a dark time in my life; I was depressed, and I felt like my brain was under high pressure 24/7. I had these constant thought loops, which was a bit of a terrifying experience, and I’m glad this is over! When I wrote “Circles”, I tried to remember how I felt back then and created something dark, repetitive, and driven at the same time.

What was the production like?

I produced and recorded “Circles“ in my home studio, and it was one of the songs that came about without me thinking much. I had this catchy synth riff and then built the track around it, and only, in the end, I added the vocals. A more instrumentally focused approach to how I usually work!

What would you like listeners to listen for in your music?

I think my songs need to be listened to more often, as they have many details. Also, my lyrics might sound pop at first, but there’s always a deeper meaning. When I write a song, I often have a sad story to tell, but then I’m not so much interested in just wallowing in self-pity. I instead want to make something bad-ass! And maybe that’s what I want people to take away: Darkness doesn’t mean weakness, and it’s possible to turn pain into something beautiful!

Any future plans?

Oh, so many! I have lots of new music coming up in the next few months. I also will record some stripped-down versions of my songs, probably just with an electric guitar. Then, of course, I want to play shows soon, but only after releasing more of my music first. So, lots are happening at the moment, and I’m super excited to see where my project is heading in the future!

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The Meaning Behind IRYS's Newest Single"Circles"

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