It’s Getting a Bit Furry With These Two Pet Centered Songs

Happy mid-February! I hope you had an excellent Valentine’s! Did you do anything special? I had to work and then I went to bed early as I am suffering from a cold. It is because the weather has been like a rollercoaster recently with each day being either spring-like warm or freezing cold. I actually spent post-Valentine’s in my bed as I was too tired to get out of bed. But don’t worry, I am getting better!

As you may know, February is famous for other things besides Valentine’s. Each day has different celebrations with National Pokemon Day coming up on February 27. And my favorite, National Sticky Bun Day, is coming up soon too.

Yet, it is a month that is known for a lot of things, including the different celebrations for animals and pets: Pet Dental Health Month, Responsible Pet Owners Month, National Cat Health Month, National Bird Feeding Month, and Dog Training Education Month. And don’t forget February 20, which is “National Love Your Pet Day“.

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1 Who Let the Pets Out Out
2 The Beatles’ “Martha My Dear” (A Song For Dogs)
3 Queen’s “Delilah” (A Song For Cats)
4 The Winner For “Which Classic Love Song Will Win This Valentines-Themed Battle?“
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Who Let the Pets Out Out
Pet Dog: Boston Terrier
This Battle of the Songs is dedicated to all the pets in the world. I had a fair share of pets when I was growing up: two dogs, a snail, and a pet worm. Yes, I had a pet worm when I was 5 years old. It was pretty cool to have a pet worm. Though, my coworkers think it is weird. (I wasn’t allowed to have pets when I was in elementary school because I moved around so much due to my dad’s job in the military and everyone in my family suffered from severe allergies from dogs or cats. Somehow we got dogs later on in life but I don’t know why.).

I have chosen two songs that are centered around two of the most popular pets: dogs and cats. I personally love dogs more because I love Boston Terriers. But also, I am super allergic to cats: I get hives if I touch a cat and I become severely sick. Nevertheless, what is your favorite pet? What kind of pets have you had? Tell me in the comments below!

Listen to both songs and pick your favorite! Let me know which one in the comments below!

The Beatles’ “Martha My Dear” (A Song For Dogs)

When I first thought about which songs to choose for this battle, I thought about “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men. It is now considered a classic as the tune was used everywhere — TV shows, commercials, in the mall — in the early 2000s. But it would be an odd choice, especially when pitted against Queen. So, I had to search again for a perfect dog song.

After a while of searching, I finally chose “Martha My Dear” by The Beatles from their 1968 album The Beatles also known as The White Album. I am more of a later 60s’ The Beatles fan than an earlier 60s’ Beatles fan which my mom is. I enjoy songs from The Beatles like “Back In The U.S.S.R.”, “Savoy Truffle”, and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

“Martha My Dear” is about Paul McCartney’s Old Sheepdog named Martha. It is a cute song with an upbeat tempo and a mixture of orchestra instruments and rock ones. It features a music hall-inspired piano and a brass section. Interestingly, if you are into music theory, the song modulates through several keys with embellished chords that have jazzy sprinkled dissonances.[1]

I could’ve featured “Hey Bulldog” from the album Yellow Submarine, but I choose “Marth My Dear” because it is a delightful soft tune with a mixture of new and old instruments as well its unusual musicality.

Queen’s “Delilah” (A Song For Cats)

It is a bit hard to find a direct song about cats. Sure, there is songs like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Cat’s in the Cradle”, but they aren’t about the soft cuddle creatures that like to play with yarn and have the cutest “meows”.

Calico Cat

Yet, Queen’s 1991 tune “Deliah” is an actual cat song. Freddie Mercury wrote the song in dedication to his favorite calico cat named Deliah. Mercury had 11 cats but Deliah was his favorite. However, it is reported that drummer Roger Taylor has said that he dislikes the song as it isn’t his style.

“Deliah” is a bit of an oddball as it details what Mercury loves about his favorite cat, from the times of when Deliah “cuddle[s] up and go to sleep beside me” to “when you pee all over my Chippendale suite”. Musically, the song also feels like an album filler as it is low-key and simple.

By the way, Innuendo, which this song is from, is one of my favorite albums from Queen. Yes, Queen had some amazing material during the late 70s and 80s but I really love Innuendo, especially with the soft rock tune “These Are the Days of Our Lives“. The reason why I like this 1991 album is there is a lot of reflection on life done by Mercury himself throughout the lyrics. Check out “These Are the Days of Our Lives” to understand what I mean.

Freddie Mercury with one his cats

The Winner For “Which Classic Love Song Will Win This Valentines-Themed Battle?“
Thank you to all who voted in the Valentines-themed battle between Nat King Cole and The Supremes.

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