You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Izzy T’s Latest Single “Nuclear” Explodes With This Electrifying Rock Sound

The Daily Feature: Izzy T’s Latest Single “Nuclear” Explodes With This Electrifying Rock Sound

Today’s tune is “Nuclear” by London alt rock-pop artist Izzy T featuring Ben Hunter. An explosive rock tune with fearsome beats and gritty guitar lines, “Nuclear” will have you addicted to it in no time with its energy and melodies. This rock-pop fireball starts off with a gritty introduction with the muffled, electrified guitar. The opening notes you that “bad girl” vibes with its dark tones. Even at the start, you can hear the combining electric, raucous sass throughout “Nuclear” in the melodies and energy.

Izzy T’s vocals are also something to note while listening. They are gritty, yet full of different tones, vibratos, and ranges. They remind me of P!nk’s vocals as both have a kind of grit to them. Both are also powerful, dark, rich and sturdy with wonderful vocal control. Along with Izzy’s amazing vocals is a rap section performed by Ben Hunter during the bridge. It is a wonderful addition and it really compliments the gritty, electrifying energy that the song gives off.

The artist had this to say about the song:

This song has really paved the way for my new sound as an artist. I love big crunchy guitars and stompy beats, and the freedom to go from low and creepy, to high as the clouds with my voice!

With an underlying theme of empowerment in dark times, “Nuclear” provides a voice that we can cling to, emphasizing that we can do whatever we put our minds to.  If you like gritty pop-rock artists like P!nk, Bllie Ellish, or Jessie J., then you have to listen to Izzy T. “Nuclear” is a must-listen today for its powerful vocals, fearsome beats, and gritty guitar lines. It explodes with such much addictive rock energy that you have to listen to it today!

Check out “Nuclear” by Izzy T featuring Ben Hunter down below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Warning: There might be content not suitable for children. Listener Discretion Advised.

About the Artist: Izzy T

Izzy T

Flaunting a fresh sound of foot-stomping Alt Pop/Rock, Izzy T brings a unique fusion of guitar melodies and electronic beats, driven by her cooly seductive yet fiercely powerful vocals.

Izzy has already made her mark on iconic stages across the globe, including the Birmingham Barclaycard Arena (supporting Placebo), Nashville’s Tootsies, and LA’s Hotel Cafe. Press highlights include features in Billboard magazine, Earmilk, BBC interviews and iconic Pride main stage performances supporting Sandi Thom. The title track of her debut EP Sell Your Soul was chosen by Nick Donnelly for the soundtrack to the film “God Save The Queen”.

2020 garnered over 20 BBC plays of recent singles “MAD” and the mental health anthem, “Everybody Wants Something” – the latter raising money for the Hull & East Yorkshire MIND charity. This was followed by BIMM music academy “Women In Music” masterclass performances, and a secondary school tour. Izzy T is the female rock crossover that Britain has been missing for so long. A rescheduled UK tour, new single releases and an EP is set to follow for 2021, making it her biggest year yet.

Make sure to check out Izzy T at the following sites:

Spotify | Youtube | Instagram

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Izzy T's Latest Single "Nuclear" Explodes With This Electrifying Rock Sound

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  1. Ivan Jose

    This type of music is honestly not my cup of tea but I like the fact that Izzy T is gutsy to venture into this type of genre. Definitely admirable.

  2. Rose Ann Sales

    This girl is so sexy, I loved the video even though I’m not into rock.

  3. sumit walia

    I am not much of a fan of heavy beats and loud vocals but then as its recommended by you so let me have a go at this track by artist Izzy T featuring Ben Hunter

  4. Puneet Kaur

    A fusion of guitar melodies and electronic beats seems great. Gonna check out regarding this artist now!

  5. Tweenselmom

    The cover looks so pretty, it’s giving full glam rock vibes. Imma listen to this song, definitely.

  6. Mosaic Murals

    I looove it!!! I am always craving listening to new music, this one is awesome! Thank you so much.

  7. Emily Fata

    I always love seeing what great music recommendations you have to share! Adding this one to my playlist, for sure. 🙂

  8. Dominique

    You always find artists that I hadn’t heard of before. This one has a great voice — she probably can sing a variety of styles.

  9. Aarika

    I do love heavy rock music. This song content is a little too dark for me, but the style and sound is really great.

  10. Eloise

    I love learning more about artists and hearing their stories to success (reaching their dreams) it’s inspiring! I love music too!

  11. Ramil Hinolan

    When I was younger, I liked to listen to pop rock songs. Now, I mellowed a bit and prefer soft music. I hope to listen to her songs.

  12. Ramil Hinolan

    When I was younger, I liked to listen to pop rock songs. Now, I mellowed a bit and prefer soft music.

  13. My Kitchen

    I’m not a fan of this type of genre but reading her story and seeing that she has done a lot this year music wise, makes me happy for her. Seem like she is queening.

  14. Aditi

    Knowledge about new music.. wow fantastic.. I will surely listen to it.. till now all my music knowledge comes from my teenager son. 🙂

  15. Renata

    Not my cup of tea, but she has quite a stage presence

  16. Blair Villanueva

    You always give us new knowledge about the different music genres. Pop-rock songs are always cool!

  17. Been really into rock these days so this is actually up my alley. Gonna have a listen for myself.hahaha

  18. Sonia Seivwright

    This is amazing. I love coming to your blog and discover new great music.

  19. littlemisadvencha

    i can feel so much energy and powerful vocals. although not my line, but i think they are awesome!

  20. Jasmine Martin

    I love this music! It’s definitely something I could workout to in the gym. I’m going to have to add this to my exercise playlist.

  21. Anne

    I’m not a music a lover but glad to bump into this so I can share with my sister who is the true music lovers.

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