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The Daily Feature: What Makes J.M3’s “Beautiful Monsters” Such a Great Listen?

The song I am featuring today is “Beautiful Monsters” by Singaporean electropop artist J.M3. According to the artist, “Beautiful Monsters” is “a collection of musical and lyrical ideas that correspond to two contrasting and sometimes conflicting sides of a complex individual.” It is a song that centers around the theme of human duality, you can hear it in the music quite well through the notes, moods, and lyrics.

The first part you find the duality is in the melody, especially in the vocal parts. The sweet, serene female vocals sing the melodies while bits and pieces of a distorted voice in a lower range. You can also hear the theme in the lyrics as it explores the two complex and different sides of a person.

What I like the most about this song is the mood. It very serene as each part (the vocals, instrumentation, and the mood) are slow and mellow for most of the song. The vocals are the stars of this song as they set the mood and help to give the song an ethereal feel. How JM.3 pulls this off is very fabulous as each note is crafted well to give the listeners something mellow and chilled.

Overall, “Beautiful Monsters” a great listen for its theme of human duality and its slow, mellow mood.

Make sure to listen to “Beautiful Monsters” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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