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Today’s Feature: “Your Heat” by Jack Simchak

Today, I’m featuring “Your Heat” by American 80s rock and indie-pop artist Jack Simchak. Jack’s music is reminiscent of music from the Reagan era and is influenced by groups such as U2, Joy Division, and The Cure. You can hear the sounds of such 80s rock greats in “Your Heat” in every part: the vocals, the guitar, the melodies, the beat. With the high-pitched synthesizer, the cool yet smooth vocals, and vigorous rock tone in the guitar and drums, “Your Heat” is such a magnificent tune! You have to listen to this amazing throwback today! (By the way, make sure to listen to the ending as there is something suprisely good there!)

Make sure to listen to “Your Heat” by Jack Simchak down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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"Your Heat" by Jack Simchak

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