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LA-Based Pop Singer-Songwriter Jakk Fynn Talks About Latest Single “Meow”

LA-based Pop Singer-Songwriter Jakk Fynn has recently released “Meow” as an ode to the daily struggles of folks in the transmasculine community, The singer-songwriter has given himself the freedom to explore musical soundscapes, melding his roots with his adult endeavors and always embracing the natural state of flux that comes with being an artist in the internet age. As a trans artist in music, Jakk is aware of the need for transmasculine representation in the pop space in particular. As a young adult, there wasn’t an artist like Jakk out there — he’s carving his path not just for himself, but for others like him, proving that it’s all possible.

The singer-songwriter has recently talked to ai love music about “Meow” and what the single represents. What was it like for Jakk Fynn to write this song in a way that deals with issues in the transmasculine community> While reading, check out Jakk Fynn’s “Meow” down below! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Hey Jakk, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. First of all, can you introduce yourself? How did you get into music?

Hi! So, I’m an alt-pop artist based out of Los Angeles. I’ve been drawn to music since I was young, but I have a fond memory of finding my aunt’s old cassettes. I remember binging on RHCP, Pearl Jam, and The Beach Boys thinking they were so dope. Between those tapes, the radio, and too much MTV, I was hooked. That said, I didn’t start creating music until middle school, which derived from a need to express myself. Music became an outlet because my home life was tumultuous, and I was grappling with my gender identity/sexuality.

Jakk Fynn

What artist or musical genres inspire your music?

I could probably find an artist in every genre that inspires me, but I grew up on 90’s pop and rock like Nirvana, BSB, and Britney Spears. I also went through a Warped Tour phase, so bands like Blink 182, The Used, and TBS became influences. Later on, artists like Banks, Halsey, and Blackbear were big for me. Now I’m really into Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama, and Shygirl. That said, Glassjaw and Deftones forever hold my heart. Basically, I’m all over the place lol.

Your press kit mentions that you were inspired by how you “recognized the lack of transmasculine representation in pop music”. Could you explain more about this?

When I grew up, trans people weren’t represented in the media. Despite the current uptick in anti-trans legislation, this is changing. I’ve seen a lot of great artists emerge, and I think many of us share the same mission: help trans youth, inspire others to live their truth, and push society to be inclusive. With that said, we still have a long way to go, and I think the music industry needs to step up and take an active role in elevating diverse trans artists to avoid tokenism.

Let’s talk about your recent release “Meow”. What inspired you to write this?

When I wrote “Meow,” I was doing a lot of work on my anxiety, depression, and fear of being alone. I found the beat to be really chill and comforting, so it led me to a state of reflection and acceptance.

This track was inspired by the daily struggles of folks in the transmasculine community. What was the process of creating this song to incorporate this inspiration like?

When I wrote “Meow” I didn’t start with a conceptual agenda; I just let myself write. But since I write from experience, my transness becomes an influence. So, in my trans journey, I’ve struggled with a lot of mental health issues, which historically led me to escape and self-medicate. Even though the song is broadly relatable, I wanted to ensure I spoke to my trans and queer community directly with parts of the bridge.

But, it also tackles mental health and the issues surrounding that. Why was it so important to include this?

I can’t speak for all transmasculine people, but it takes a toll on you when you feel trapped and alone. When being yourself feels impossible, happiness feels elusive. Because of this, I’ve struggled a lot with suicidal ideation. Unfortunately, I know I’m not alone because the rate of attempted suicide in the trans community is staggering. So, I believe it’s really important (if you can) to talk about this stuff because it saves lives. If you think about it, at this very moment, someone is struggling and could use help.

What was creating and producing this track like? Was there a sound, melody, or texture that you wanted to highlight in “Meow”?

For a while, I was writing a lot of stuff with a moody dance vibe? So, when I brought a bunch of ideas to my producer, I figured we’d pass on them. But he really loved it, so we jumped in. As the song evolved, I remember he felt inspired to channel some Kid Cudi vibes. I don’t know if we pulled it off, but from the start we just wanted it to be super laid back yet inspiring.

Jakk Fynn

What do you want listeners to listen for in this track?

I can’t really answer that because I don’t have expectations of listeners. I know music is super subjective, so things resound differently for everyone. But what I do hope is that this song can help someone who may be in a rough spot.

Any future plans?

Well since this track is also telling me to be in the here in now, my goal is to chill out for a moment to reflect and write. The last few months have been crazy, so I want to recalibrate. That said, I’m playing Santa Barbara Pride on August 27th, so I’m super excited about that.

Finally, any messages to the readers?

Not to preach, but I want to remind everyone that we’re all human. Most people have felt invisible, trapped, purposeless, and so on. As painful as it is, I think keeping that in perspective helps. If you feel less alone in your struggles, it can become easier to open up to someone safe. And it’s that vulnerability, coupled with feeling supported, that can be transformative. I mean, imagine a world where we all transcended past our own experiences, through community, while healing our trauma? It wouldn’t solve everything, but I think it would make our world better.

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LA-Based Pop Singer-Songwriter Jakk Fynn Talks About Latest Single "Meow"

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