You are currently viewing Hot Off the Presses: January 2021 Hot Tracks Playlist

Hot Off the Presses: January 2021 Hot Tracks Playlist

What are you listening to in January? Here is an awesome playlist that you have to listen to RIGHT NOW. It features music from around the world, various genres, and vibes!

Some artists that are featured are 3rd Lane, Alex2e, Alvinos Zavlis, Andy Martin, Ark Noir & Holy B, Artificial Pleasure, Au Gres, Beachwood Coyotes, The Bergamot, Bjorn Rydhog, Blake Anthony Robson, Black Monsoon, Bluombre, Brandon Fiore, BULLETS AND KNIVES, Callum Pitt, Capital Soiree, China Bamboo, CHPTRS, Crystal Cities, Dizzy Panda, The Eiffels, Elia Davidson, Enoka, Far West, Fialta, Great Park Avenue, HELH, Henry Nozuka, The Hollow Man, Interland, The Islas, The Jayplayers, Jenny Kern, Joy Lynn, Kenna, Khayyat & 77, Kill the Frequency, King Casio, Kingdumb, KRISS, Lacobo-James, Leila Sunier, lightcraft x DSML, Limón Limón, Linebug, Loops Empire, Madeline Castrey, Michael Lane, Mjoi, naavi, Native, NIKHO, Nisa, No Deal Disco, Of Shadows And Lights, Often Home, Pale Moon, Parsley Palette, Pete Smith, Peter Wise, Queen Bear, RAGS AND RICHES, RAMES, The Reyes, Rhineland, RJ Pasin, Rowan, Sam Ludlow, Sazu & Hannah Pisani, Shuffalo, SHYAWAY, Siiga, Skinny Dippers, Slow Walk, Smith, Lyle & Moore, SMSR, SoniaLoxo, Tadashi James, Talk Show Host, Telemarkk, TENTS, Vikki Gilmore, Thantophobe, Visual Eyes, and YNES.

Check out the playlist below! What is your favorite song?

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January 2021 Hot Tracks Playlist

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