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Talking With UK Melodic Metal Artist Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders About His New Single

It’s the final week of 2020! We here at ai love music have a little bit more music to showcase for you! I had a chance to hold an email interview recently with UK melodic metal artist Jason Payne & The Black Leather Rider. I talked with Jason Payne about his musical journey, influences, and the release of his newest single “Waking the Damned”.

Check out the interview as well as the latest single down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Please introduce yourself. How did Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders come to be? How has your musical journey been?

This project came to life in a post-period from my previous project. I felt the need of showing the world who Jason Payne is as an artist and, therefore, I embarked on this new journey. This project and this first single are a personal statement: I’m assuming who I am as a musician and playing what I love the most – Heavy Metal
I’m very grateful for having the possibility of “restarting” and “re-styling” my career and, for already having some acceptance inside the metal community.

What musical genres or artists influence you? Why?

I listen to a lot of music… But if I had to sum it up, it’d be down to Linkin Park, Slipknot, Metallica, Korn, and Alter Bridge. A lot of these artists are from the same style that I’m going for – Alternative/Nu Metal – and I believe that’s influencing what kind of music I listen to.

2020 has been a very different and hard year for everyone, especially for musicians. What did you accomplish or do in 2020? Anything positive?

Even though 2020 brought this global pandemic crisis, I tried to focus on the positive side of things. I’m a half-full glass kind of person. That said, I took this time to reinvent myself as a person and as an artist. The result of it was the beginning of the project, which I carefully planned throughout the pandemic and, wrote a full load of fresh-new music to be released in 2021.

Let’s talk about your newest release “Waking The Damned”? What is it about?

“Waking the Damned” is a very personal song to me, since it resembles a chapter in my life that took me to where I’m at today. It’s about an individual who feels restrained and that doesn’t have control of his own life and, he decides to say – “that’s enough!” – and starts to take control of his actions. With this song I intend to inspire people to take charge of their own lives. If there is something that you’re not happy about, hopefully, this song will motivate you to “loose the chains” and change what you feel that it is wrong.

What inspired you to write “Waking The Damned”? Could you tell me more about your inspiration for the song?

The song was inspired by the Camus tale – “The Myth of Sisyphus”. It’s about a fallen God, who’s doomed to push a stone up a hill over and over again. As in the Camus tale, this song explores the sensation of feeling misunderstood, trapped and as if your life was already decided and programmed. Waking the Damned is to wake up those who are doomed to the world and can’t become independent and unique human beings.

Tell me how was it producing the song from start to finish. Did you record it in 2020? If so, how did everyone come together, collaborate, and play?

This song was produced and rehearsed in 2020 (most precisely, from the end of September). When the restrictions lifted up a bit, we started to rehearse together, in a large studio near my house, each one with his own individual space, respecting social distancing and wearing masks (even though it was uncomfortable at times). We teamed up with my friend, Alessio Garavello (A New Tomorrow) to record, mix, and master the track. Due to CVOID-19 restrictions, it could only be 4 people at a time in the room. So, the producer, the cameraman (shooting the documentary) and I were always there, and the other members would rotate whenever it was their turn to record.

What was the biggest hurdle when putting this tune together? How did you overcome it?

In terms of knowing the structure and each individual part, there were never problems. Everybody practiced the song at home and came to rehearsals prepared. However, the hardest part of this song was getting the feel right. In the heavy riff, chorus, M-8, and solo sections, we all have to lock in together and be super tight, whether in the verses it’s supposed to be played with a “loose” feel. That duality was though at times, especially in the first 2/3 rehearsals. But we managed to overcome it quickly once we started practicing with the click.

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What do you want listeners to listen to in your music? What are the important things?

As mentioned above, I want people to feel inspired to take action in their lives. What I want for whomever is listening to this, is to realize that we are the captains of our souls and the masters of our fate. That’s what this song’s all about. To know that we have the power to stand up and fight for our dreams. Nobody can tell us how to live.

What are your future plans?

Next year I intend to release two EP’s, more singles, more video clips, visualizer, and lyric videos. People can and should expect more music from us – this is just the beginning! If Covid allows, we plan to do our first UK tour, starting more or less in September.

Finally, do you have anything to say to the readers of ai love music?

I just want to say that I feel very grateful for being given this opportunity of reinventing my artistic career and start pursuing my own path and, I’d like to thank my producer Alessio, for doing a wonderful job with the track, my bandmates and my PR agent Dan, for working closely with me on my future steps. To finalize, none of this would be possible without these people and my fans, who kept on supporting me. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay metal!

About the Artist: Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders

Jason Payne

After years of focus, tuition programs, past bands, and international competitions developing his musical style, 2017 to 2020 saw Jason Payne front the British rock outfit Louzada on guitar and vocals, amassing thousands of worldwide fans through just one EP. The arrival of the worldwide pandemic in 2020 brought about the amicable hiatus of Louzada, resulting in time to put in the focus and determination needed to launch his most ambitious project yet; Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders.

Think big riffs, impactful grit-laden vocals, and an energy just screaming to be invited to the live stage.

Make sure to follow Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders at the following sites:

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Talking With UK Melodic Metal Artist Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders About His New Single

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