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“Hope and Fire” by Jed’s A Millionaire: A Romantic Anthem of Everlasting Relationships

American alternative rock/indie rock band Jed’s A Millionaire is back. This time is with their latest single “Hope and Fire” from their recent album The Beautiful Ones. I mentioned in the title that this is “a romantic anthem of everlasting relationships”. Why is it that? Why would I say that about “Hope and Fire”? Read to find out!

Where We Run

Jed’s A Millionaire

Where we would run
Til the wheels fall off this wreck
Go further further
Never ever look back
Like fireworks reaching into the sky
We’re gonna get so high
Like Hope and Fire

“Hope and Fire”

One thing that makes “Hope and Fire” such an eminent tune is theme found within the lyrics. This theme is about everlasting relationships. The lyrics paint a passionate connection between two people that have shared bonds since the beginning of time, it seems. And, these bonds will last for a long until these two people pass away. Souls that grow old together: experiencing all the ups and downs of life together, being adventurous together. The tellings of true love.

This honest and romantic take of relationships in “Hope and Fire” is really beautiful. The candid approach of showcasing these two characters through the song is very heartwarming because this how a lot of people imagine true love to be. One example of this is found in the lyrics “Where we would run till the wheels fall off this wreck, Go further never ever look back”. This particular line really brings out the spirit of the song’s message and what someone yearns for in a relationship: Although life could go wrong, let’s be positive, adventurous, and enjoy life freely. Such admirable messages in these lyrics.

The Insouciant Feeling of “Hope and Fire”

Another thing that I like about this tune by Jed’s A Millionaire is the feel-good yet honest feeling with the song’s vibe through the instrumentations and the vocals. The song’s mood is really gentle, which is set by the tranquil electric guitar. It is very pleasant as it is not too soft yet not too overpowering. The same with the drums, which the focus is on the hi-hat cymbal and snare, and bass. The performances of drums, the bass, and the guitar during the song has a feel-good mood that is very tranquil, which is excellently executed and gives the song its romantic quality.

However, the main star of “Hope and Fire” is the vocals as the subtle tones from them bring such honesty and a down-to-earth vibe. Each emotion in each word is rendered perfectly by the singer. This allows the listener to be enraptured with the songs’ emotions, being involved intimately from the first beat. The vocals on this song are a must-listen as it encaptivating to listen and interpret such powerful emotions in an honest way.

My Final Thoughts

“Hope and Fire” by Jed’s A Millionaire is such a heart-warming yet beautiful song that shouldn’t pass up. It offers such a romantic yet intimate message of everlasting love/relationships in each word found in the lyrics. The tranquil moods of the drums, bass, and guitar resonate with the romantic feel of the song very well. Finally, the vocals convey the emotions of each raw in an honest, intimate, and enrapturing way. These three parts help to craft “Hope and Fire”, an honest and intimate tune that will allure listeners to yearn for their everlasting relationship.

Make sure to listen to “Hope and Fire” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Jed’s A Millionaire

Jed’s A Millionaire

Jed’s A Millionaire (Los Angeles, CA) has crafted their music, performed energetic shows, and played with a very diverse set of friends along the way (Alice Cooper, REO Speedwagon, Beach Boys, Missing Persons, and Puddle of Mudd). Vibrant vocals, spirited guitar, and a powerful rhythm section create a dynamic and accessible sound that helps Jed’s convey their message to a wide range of listeners.

Make sure to follow Jed’s A Millionaire at the following sites:

Official Site | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

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"Hope and Fire" by Jed’s A Millionaire: A Romantic Anthem of Everlasting Relationships

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    I’ve never actually heard of this band before! But you did such a great and in-depth job of reviewing the song. I just searched for Jed’s a Millionaire on Spotify and I’m listening to this song now, I’ll also check out a few more of their songs now. Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

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    I have not heard of this band yet..will do some research and play some songs on youtube….but its a good alternative rock music…

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    Loving this song. I always love hearing your reviews!

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    This is such a beautiful title, hope and fire. The words are amazing as well. Thanks for sharing.

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    I need to do some research but looks like this band got some vintage vibes..

  14. Andy

    I’m the drummer for Jed’s A Millionaire and wanted to thank everyone for your kind words. If you’d like to hear more Jed’s music, feel free to visit the links above and please feel free to like, share, and make more comments!

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