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Jennie Harluk Is Back With “The Fool”

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Jennie Harluk is back with her latest single “The Fool”! The artist released her debut single entitled “Blame It on Me” this summer. Harluk returned to ai love music, talking about her newest single: does it have similar themes like her debut single or different? Also, she talks about featuring an emotional punch in “The Fool”. Find out what that is about by continuing to read on. While reading, you can also listen to “The Fool”. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hello again! What is new with you?

hello! Thanks so much for having me back featured on Ai Love Music, I appreciated all your support on my first single “blame it on me” back in July! I’ve been working super hard on my new music and am so excited to be sharing my second single “The Fool” with everybody. As well as some exciting projects coming up before 2021 ends!

Jennie Harluck

As 2021 is ending down, what is something you want to challenge yourself to do in 2022?

In 2021, I decided that I was going to make it my “year of yes” and start saying yes to more things and people – that led me to so many fun experiences, learning opportunities, friendships, memories, and inspiration for music & I’ll definitely be continuing that into 2022 as a challenge to become more outgoing!

Let’s talk about “The Fool”. What is it about?

“The Fool” is musically an upbeat, somewhat happy-sounding song but lyrically has a major emotional punch. It’s about staying with a significant other who is toxic, lies betrays, and cheats you because you love them and convince yourself that’s enough – and yet, they still end up being the one to leave you. So you feel stupid, insecure, foolish. Everyone tells you the cliche “the joke’s on them” “they don’t know what they’re missing” “you can do so much better” and while all those things may or may not be true, you’re still hurt. You still feel upset and betrayed, like “The Fool”.

What inspired you to write the song?

I wrote “The Fool” several months after my first real hard breakup. Just as the song states, I’d stayed with this person because I just loved them so much and I’m definitely not the best at goodbyes or letting go. So I stuck it out through things I definitely shouldn’t have and ultimately ended up being the one dumped in the end anyway haha. This song came right at the end of my healing and I think it was my last little push to tie up all my leftover anger and emotions and sadness, knot it in a bow and leave it on a shelf in the past.

I think both songs are powerful and anthems in their own ways, but “The Fool” definitely has more emotional depth behind it in my personal opinion. That could be because it stems from such an emotional place/situation for me. But I think the organicness of the song is really encapsulated within the acoustic guitar and the vocal padding. Both songs go together but are so special in their own ways as I lead into the pop alternative genre.

You mention that this song features a harder emotional punch. Why is that and how do you express that in the music?

Referring back to what inspired the song! Heartbreak! Haha. I think there’s nothing quite like your first love & heartbreak and I put that energy into the song – primarily through the depth and precision of the lyrics.

Jennie Harluk

What was production like for this single?

“The Fool” & “Blame it on Me” were actually recorded on the same day at OCL studios here in Calgary. But we zoomed in with my producer and writers Jackson Willows and Joseph of Mercury to direct the session. It was like a phone call and we got to discuss and go back and forth trying new approaches to the song and such. Very weird but cool experience!

What do you want listeners to listen for in “The Fool”?

Listen for the little pieces of yourself in the song. Music is for connection and as I said before, take what you need from it! Know you’re not alone in heartache or love and that it GETS BETTER. healing isn’t linear and neither is is happiness. This song was my healing moment for my last relationship and I hope my heart shines through in the music.

What is next for Jenna Harluk?

I plan to continue releasing new music one after the other very soon! Stay tuned for acoustic versions of these first two singles as well. I’m very excited to continue writing and creating and sharing music with people everywhere! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for the official music video for “The Fool” as well!

What is your dream concert venue?

I think it would be so cool to “make it” and then come back to my high school and play a show on the football field or something like that. A little tribute to where I grew up and where everything started to bloom for my music!

Make sure to check out Jennie Harluk at the following:

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Jennie Harluk Is Back With “The Fool”

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