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Exploring the Reason Why Jennifer Juliette’s “Columns” Is a Gorgeous Must-Listen

German cross-over artist Jennifer Juliette recently released the single “Columns” with hopes that her classical music training could be crossed over with mainstream pop. An accomplished classical musician who has performed in prestigious places like Sydney Opera House, the Vienna Opera House, and the Royal Albert Hall. Could “Columns” be her success in the mainstream pop world? Can her deeply moving songs be enjoyed by any music listener? Let’s look at the song more closely down below!

Building Up These Columns

Jennifer Juliette

“Columns” is a featured track on Jennifer Juliette’s newest EP Anchors. The song serves as a reminder that even the strongest foundations can break under stress and distrust. It is described as a breakup song for anyone who feels lost and lonely even though they have someone that loves them. Jennifer brilliantly paints this devastating picture of a breakup with cleverly chosen metaphors. You can hear at the beginning with lyrics like “building up these columns just to turn them down so you could fulfill what you need” and “you can’t wish the pain away”. Such powerful imagery!

What else makes “Columns” a powerful listen is the instrumentation and the vocals. Both are filled with strong emotions, even if you think it is there. The tune features a piano, violin, acoustic guitar, and cello. Yet, the primary instrument that accompanies the vocals is the piano that plays dark and stormy melodies. Though moody, the cascading piano melodies are beautiful and have sort of a soothing quality to them.

Jennifer Juliette showcases her diverse talents in the vocal lines. Listeners can hear a more classical singing voice at the beginning with dark and low tones. However, as the song progresses, the dark tones transformed into something powerful as Jennifer sings with a pop-like vocal quality. The song ends with the singer singing tore these pillars down” in a higher belt with a variety of emotions finally pouring out. She aims these bottled-up emotions at the lover who broke up with the character. Such a beautiful transformation from the beginning to the end. it truly showcases a variety of emotions through Jennifer Juliette’s vocal prowess.

Final Thoughts

“Columns” by Jennifer Juliette is such a powerful, gorgeous must-listen. It features well-crafted lyrics that displayed such vivid imagery with metaphors. The other thing is to listen for is the instrumentation that is filled with strong emotions. Listeners have to especially check out the dark and stormy piano melodies. The final thing to check out is how Jennifer Juliette uses her vocals in diverse ways to create an engrossing song. She displays a wide variety of talent from classical vocals to pop tones (but also featuring a variety of emotions). If you haven’t checked out Jennifer Juliette’s “Columns” yet, you have to as you will be touched by its powerful lyrics and moved by its gorgeous melodies.

Jennifer has done it as she has a solid pop song that can be a success in the mainstream pop world!

Make sure to listen to “Columns” down below and let me know what you think!

Also, check out Jennifer’S newest EP Anchors below:

About the Artist: Jennifer Juliette

Jennifer Juliette

Jennifer Juliette is a Welsh singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who’s based in Berlin. Powerful, artistic, inspiring: Jennifer’s cross-over style is a mesmerizing mix of her classical training and mainstream pop; her searing melodies drawn from personal experiences and boundless creative energy.

Over the last decade, Jennifer has performed at a number of prestigious venues around the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna Opera House, and the Royal Albert Hall in London, where she worked as a fashion model for several years.   

Trained as a concert pianist, Jennifer Juliette also plays guitar, violin, and cello. She has worked in various orchestra settings. In mid-2019, Jennifer started an international women’s choir which raised money for homeless shelters across Berlin before the COVID lockdown forced the group to press pause on its demanding performance schedule. Her passion for music stems from childhood, when, at the age of 4, she started singing and playing piano at churches in the South Welsh Valleys, where she was raised. She went on to study music and completed her exams with the Royal School of Music at 15.   

Make sure to check out Jennifer Juliette at the following;

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Exploring the Reason Why Jennifer Juliette’s “Columns” Is a Gorgeous Must-Listen

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