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The Daily Feature: Joe Wilkinson’s “Water To Wine”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Water To Wine” by UK Folk singer-songwriter Joe Wilkinson. This is what the artist said about the song’s meaning: “It is a refusal to give in when the going gets tough, an uplifting rallying cry to anyone tempted to turn back when uncharted waters get too deep. A timely positive message for today’s challenging times.” The track features this positivity in the upbeat acoustic instrumentation and motivating lyrics that radiate inspiration but also happiness. With the acoustic guitar, the track also features bass, percussion, and kalimba. But, don’t forget to feature the fascinating harmonies that, with the vocals, pull the song forward with their uniqueness.

If you are looking for an upbeat song with fascinating melodies and soothing instrumentation to motivate your day, then you have to check out “Water To Wine” today!

Check out “Water To Wine” down below. What do you like about the song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Joe Wilkinson

Joe Wilkinson encapsulates the modern musician of 2022. After playing hundreds of gigs across the South of England, Germany, and Spain and gaining valuable industry experience in a number of studios, Joe is now able to write, produce, release and promote his music independently. Whilst this has often resulted in having to subsist on a diet of beans on toast and coffee, Joe is now in the somewhat rare position to be able to unleash his acclaimed songwriting*, unique guitar style, captivating melodies, and strong vocals, free of external influence.

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The Daily Feature: Joe Wilkinson's "Water To Wine"

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