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What Makes JOEM’s “One Shot” feat. Blind Eyez a Magnificent Tune?

It started with a direct message on Instagram. Finnish electropop/commercial pop singer-songwriter JOEM was looking for a rapper for a song that she wrote about two years ago. This direct message turned into a collocation with New Jersey-based rapper Blind Eyez. Yet, is the song a hit or not? Was the collaboration successful? Let’s take a look at the song a little deeper down below.

We Got One Shot

The first thing that a listener will notice is the female vocals. These resonant vocals are filled with power and such determination in an awe-inspiring way. JOEM is determined to inspire others with the message that “one-shot can turn into a million pieces” and you can hear that clearly in the vocal lines. At the same time, JOEM’s singing is diversely melodious. There are times where the tones featured in her vocals are light and sweet. And there are times, especially in the chorus, where her singing is down-to-earth and harmonious. JOEM’s vocals are the perfect addition to “One Shot” as they are euphonious and powerful!

Rapper Blind Eyez comes in during the bridge with a slick rap. The transition from JOEM’s melodies to Blind Eyez’s rap is very smooth as there is no disconnection between the two diverse parts. Actually, the rapper’s parts really fit pretty nicely as his tones and rhythm complement the song’s flow. JOEM and Blind Eyez was a brilliant collaboration as each diverse part balances the other well.

The other thing to listen for is the lyrics. JOEM wrote this about the meaning around “One Shot”: “The song is about an internal realization of love and war. A spark that has faded, but also the willingness to fight for its rekindling. “If you want something, go for it”. “One Shot” refers to the chance of making things right.” And you can hear such a fight for love perfectly in lines like “Take my hand and remember times when We couldn’t stop holding each other I want us to find that love here”.

My favorite line is “We got one shot that turns into a million chances to redeem us & pick up the piece” as it is so fierce with raw determination. These are great lyrics that boldly demonstrate the power of determination, love, and never giving up!

Final Thoughts

JOEM’s “One Shot” feat. Blind Eyez is a must-listen! One thing that listeners have to listen to is the powerful yet euphonious vocal lines sung by JOEM herself that support the song’s message holly. Yet, the vocals are perfectly matched with the catchy dance-pop instrumentation that makes the tune catchy. Another thing that worked well with JOEM’s vocal lines was the slick raps performed by Blind Eyez. The last thing to notice is the inspirational lyrics filled with determination about dealing with such topics of fighting for love or something you believe in. With all these striking elements, “One Shot” is a spectacular tune that you have to listen to today!

Make sure to check out “One Shot” by JOEM feat. Blind Eyez down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist; JOEM

Johanna Mäkilä-Manninen, aka JOEM, born in 1994, is an independent artist, musician, and an English BA graduate. Starting her musical journey as a saxophone player, she has graduated from Sibelius upper secondary school (2013), as well as from Pop & Jazz Conservatory (2018) in Helsinki. During her studies in the Conservatory and University of Helsinki, Joem slowly transitioned from saxophone to singing and songwriting due to a long period of chronic neuropathic pain in the arms. Living with physical pain and the eventual depression led to her childhood dream of being a music maker and singer.

In 2017, after gigging as a saxophonist and singing in a local church, Joem started slowly but surely taking steps towards her own artistry. Thus far the journey has included writing and releasing her own songs, making two music videos, gigging around Helsinki with her band, as well as winning New York-based celebrity vocal coach Cari Cole’s biannual singing competition with her single “Naive Heart” in August 2019. This opened a door for her to be coached by Cari via Zoom, and to participate in a songwriting circle with other artists.

Make sure to check to JOEM at the following

Official Site | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify | Youtube

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What Makes JOEM's "One Shot" feat. Blind Eyez a Magnificent Tune?

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  1. Ukeveryday

    I think this collaboration worked really well. It is very nice song!

  2. amalateesside

    This is a really funky song, interesting Duo! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nkem

    The song has definitely got a lot of energy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. risalopez

    I love the song, I downloaded it for later. More songs pls!

  5. Polly

    Fantastic collab! I rarely listen to dance music but One Shot is quite catchy. I like it!

  6. Fransic verso

    This is awesome and the how she started the journey is interesting. Love to know how successful people got to where they are.

  7. This is probably the first song that I have listen to from your blog that I don’t actually like. I love Joem and Blind eye’s voices, but not on this song. Something sounds off.

  8. Prajakta

    I loved listening to this song. Nice collaboration indeed.

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