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Josiah Mortimer’s ‘This Town’: Getting Us Through the Pandemic

London-based acoustic singer-songwriter Josiah Mortimer recently talked to ai love music about his musical background, what influences him, and about his recent release This Town. Find out by continue reading what inspired Mortimer to write this song and how does it help to inspire us during this pandemic.

About the Artist: Josiah Mortimer

Josiah Mortimer

Josiah Mortimer’s life has always been involved with music. Growing up, Mortimer’s dad played the guitar and his grandparents were into classic rock. Mortimer started to play guitar when he was eleven. At first, he was more deadset on playing “quite rocky”-type of music. But as he grew up and expanded his tastes, the singer-songwriter played more acoustic pieces. Although his musical styles changes, Josiah Mortimer told ai love music that his musical style is a blend between the different styles, and he doesn’t just play one style.

Mortimer said that artists like Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Martin Simpson, and Joni Mitchell are his musicals influences. “Something really simple, stripped back with only the guitar and vocals,” he told ai love music, “And more so bluesy and jazzy artists. I am also into the picky guitar style and how that works with vocal melodies.”

In his artist bio, it is said that “the singer-songwriter brings a new edge to the table”. When asked about this, Josiah Mortimer had this to say: “I think there is something dark in the songs, something of an emotional variety. Just like with the whirlwind that we experienced in the last year. I just process what has gone on in the last year globally. When it comes to songwriting, [the songs on the This Town] are something darker than what I usually write.”

About the EP: This Town

A four-track EP, This Town has something that ties the tracks together. “It is about my experiences in London since March of last year,” the singer-songwriter explained the meaning behind the EP, “Going through that whirlwind of emotions and experiences, and the weirdness. But, looking for that small glimmer of hope”.

The singer-songwriter explained the basis of the tracks:

“Horizon” is about the thought that last year was not a wasted year. People changed, grew, and developed by learning new things. And also, everyone around the world was in the same boat. The message in “Horizon” is about accepting that and not despairing about it.

“Coming Up for Air” is one the most melancholy tracks on this EP. “I actually wrote it when we were hoping for this first vaccine,” he explained the backstory of the song, “It was about the hope that some sort of vaccine would come along and turn things around. So, in retrospect, that this song that stands out for me.”

“Forget the Land” was written based on Josiah Mortimer’s own personal experiences. He actually does gardening in London. He misses being on the river and being able to be with nature, being able to garden. He wrote the song based on those emotions.

For the songwriting process, Josiah Mortimer said that the process took a long time. He wrote started composing the songs earlier last year. But, it was in December when the singer-songwriter realized that he should do something with the songs and finish them to release an EP. So, he reached out to a producer that has worked with him since Mortimer was 16, asking the producer if he was keen on remote work. And when the producer said yes, they worked together to complete the songs and release them.

Check out This Town down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Josiah Mortimer's 'This Town': Getting Us Through the Pandemic

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