You are currently viewing Journey’s “Send Her My Love”: A 80s Rock Letter to Our Ex-Lovers

Journey’s “Send Her My Love”: A 80s Rock Letter to Our Ex-Lovers

Journey is a band that has fans from different generations, both young and old. One of its signature hits, “Don’t Stop Believin”, gained new popularity in the 21st century when it was covered in the hit TV show Glee. “Don’t Stop Believin” will be one of those songs that will live eternally in the American pop culture.

But how about the other songs from Journey? To tell you the truth, I don’t really like “Don’t Stop Believin”. Yes, it is a great song but it has been overplayed too much. But, there is one song from the 80s band that I truly love. Inspired by the prompt of “Give/Get/Take/Receive/Send” for #SongLyricsSunday, I present you my favorite Journey song: “Send Her My Love”.

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Roses Never Fade


I have featured a variety of 80s rock songs before. Some examples are The Police’s “I Burn For You”, The Police’s “King of Pain”, and Yes’ “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. Although one could argue that Journey’s Send Her My Love” is like The Police’s “King of Pain” as the two are similar tunes about lost love and heartbreak. “Send Her My Love” is uniquely different. It’s a tune that reminiscences about lost love.

Imagine that you wanted to send a letter to one of your past lovers. It might be scary to do so. Or, you might find it silly. But, what would happen if you had a chance to say anything to that ex-lover? What would you say? “Send Her My Love” is a tune that expresses that inner dialogue that we always wanted to write to our former lovers: “Hey, how are you? How are things?”.

Of course, you might have moved on from past lovers and don’t have to say “I still think of you”. But, not like the character in today’s Journey song. This character was in love with a woman. Yet their relationship ended as the man thought that she needed much more than their faux relationship. Although the woman has moved on, the man still reminiscences about her and the adventures they went on together. He is reminded about every little physical detail of her, frequently seeing those details in his dreams.

Have you ever experienced this type of situation, even if the relationship ended amicably or not? I personally haven’t because I only have one lover in my lifetime. Before we dated, both of us were friends for a long time. My ex-lover and I are still friends. Even though he is married to someone else and lives his own life, we still message each other like a continuous conversation from time to time. I don’t have to reminiscence about our relationship because I am so over it and been so for a long time.

Behind the Scenes of Journey’s “Send Her My Love”

Journey (1983)
Journey (1983)

The lyrics for “Send Her My Love” were written by keyboardist Jonathan Cain and lead singer Steve Perry. It is said that “Send Her Love” is one of Perry’s personal favorites.

In an interview with Songfacts, Cain had this to say about the song’s meaning:

I had a girlfriend when I was a teenager and somebody had called backstage to one of the shows and said, ‘Virginia still talks about you and your relationship.’ It was just one of those offhanded comments. I looked at her and just said, ‘Send her my love.’

I walked out, and it hit me: ‘Wait a minute, that’s a song!’

I went home and I called Steve Perry up and I said I came up with this idea, and we wrote it on the spot. A lot of this stuff we wrote was just on the spot. Very, very spontaneous. We kind of wrote with urgency because we didn’t have a lot of time together. The road was hard enough. When we did write, we wrote very intensely. All the lyrics were, like, within hours. We didn’t mess around.”

What do you think of Journey’s “Send Her My Love”? Tell me in the comments below!

Lyrics for Journey’s “Send Her My Love”

It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen her face
You say she’s doing fine
I still recall
A sad cafe
How it hurt so bad to see her cry
I didn’t wanna say goodbye…

Send her my love
Memories remain
Send her my love
Roses never fade
Send her my love

The same hotel
The same old room
I’m on the road again
She needed so much more
Than I could give
We knew our love could not pretend
Broken hearts can always mend

Send her my love
Memories remain
Send her my love
Roses never fade
Send her my love

Calling out her name I’m dreaming
Reflections of her face I’m seeing
It’s her voice that keeps on haunting me

Send her, send her my love
Roses never fade
Memories remain
Send her, send her my love

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  1. Violet

    Excellent choice, and quite a bit of information surrounding the song, and the band. Very enjoyable.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks! ❤️ Are you a Journey fan?

  2. Arlee Bird

    I’ve been a long time fan of the music of Journey, though I never bought any of their albums until relatively recently when I got a greatest hits compilation on CD. I felt that some of their music would round out my music collection better.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Kristen Varner

      I don’t know many songs from Journey. Thanks for sharing about this song

    2. aisasami

      They are truly great, especially the lead vocalist Steve Perry (love his first solo album).

  3. Jim Adams

    Amy great choice. Thanks for sharing your music again.

    1. aisasami

      Hey Jim, thanks for stopping by!❤️ Are you a Journey fan?

  4. Jade Li

    I don’t remember this one very well but it is a pretty tune. The gif of Tom Cruise crying is priceless!

    One of my Journey favorites is the one that starts, “When the lights go down in the city….”

    1. aisasami

      That is a great Journey song. I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise but I agree that the gif was priceless!

  5. Cathy Kennedy


    What’s not to like about Journey? Great 80s song! Be well, my friend.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks Cathy! ❤️ Are you a Journey fan?

  6. Andrew

    I remember the song during my childhood !

  7. Holly Lasha

    Journey is one of my all time favorite bands. This is such a great song too!

  8. Alyx B

    I’ve always loved Journey! Thanks for sharing! Love this

  9. Joline

    I didn’t even realize this was a Journey song! But oh that Steve Perry voice. I personally can’t relate either. For me, when it’s over, it’s over! 🙂

    1. aisasami

      Ahhh, what an interesting perspective of ending a relationship! Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

  10. Holls

    I love Journey! I actually have tickets to see them in concert in May. It’s great to know the background of how this song came to be.

  11. Fatima Torres

    I loved Journey growing up, and I had no idea what this song was about. What a great breakdown!

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      Thanks for stopping by! ❤️ What are you favorite Journey songs?

  12. Stephanie

    You are so right, Journey is a group that tends to span generations. My parents and I both really enjoy their music. I’ve only heard this one a few times and don’t know it as well as other songs of theirs. But it’s so interesting to learn they wrote so many songs on the spot like that!

    1. aisasami

      They are a great group! And I love how they wrote their songs spot on too. What are your favorite Journey songs?

  13. CA

    I am a Filipino, and Journey had a Filipino vocalist after the original one, and this is why I can relate to their songs as well. I think that I still love my First Love, but since he is already married, I just respected that and moved on with my life now.

    1. aisasami

      That is right! I never heard of First Love but I will check it out that you mentioned it. Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

  14. Marie Phillips

    Journey has always been one of my favorite bands, and I love Send Her My Love. Thank you for such a great background. I never knew any of it.

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  15. Van Tran

    I have never heard of them to be honest. Maybe I already listened to some of their songs but didn’t know who were singing. I will have to add them to my 80s playlist

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    Amazing article. I learned something new today 😁. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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  20. Monidipa

    Right now I need broken heart songs and these 80s songs sound really good to me.

    1. aisasami

      Oh no, I hope you get better. Sending you lots of big hugs! ❤️

  21. Talya Stone

    I absolutely love Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” but not sure I am familiar with this song…I’m going to give it a play this afternoon as I love them as a band.

    1. aisasami

      “Send Her My Love” is a great song! Let me know what you think of the song after listening to it!

  22. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure

    I love this analysis and the fabulous beat. Such a great addition to a gloomy day! Thank you!

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    We love Journey but have no idea about the story about the song. Thank you for sharing this. It made me appreciate the song, Send Her My Love more.

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  24. Chantal

    I remember this song and group in the 80’s. I love the word to the song “send her my love” has great meaning.

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  25. Caitlin Jecklin

    The 80s is the perfect era for a rock love letter! Thanks for sharing, you brightened our mood.

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  26. Jon Maldia

    Journey is a great band.

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      It is! Do you have any favorite tunes from the band?

  27. Robin

    Love Journey! But as for the behind the scenes about the lyrics, seems typical band bad boy behavior. UGH. But fun to read! xoxo Robin

    1. aisasami

      Ahhh,l never thought about it in that angle. What are your favorite Journey songs?

    1. aisasami

      It is a great song! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

  28. Ashley R

    OH MAN! I used to love Journey. I am really loving all the songs you post. Keep it up!

    1. aisasami

      What are your favorite Journey songs?

    1. aisasami

      It is such a great era! Did you have any favorite artists from the 80s?

  29. Viano Dee

    Nice lyrics. Reminds me of my ex though we ended amicably. He’s married now and we still keep in touch but rarely.

  30. Flossie McCowald

    As always, it’s interesting to learn the backstory behind a song – thanks for sharing it with us! I LOVE Journey, but did not know the history of this particular song.

    1. aisasami

      You are most certainly welcome. Sometimes the stories are what crafts the tune. What are your favorite Journey songs?

  31. Nayna Kanabar

    I had not heard about this band so it was interesting to read about the background and the song choice.

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    This music brings back a lot of memories! It is fun to reminisce. I listened to this music a lot!

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    Haven’t listened to Journeys in a long time. Such a great artist!!

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      hanks for stopping by! ❤️ What are your favorite songs from the band?

  34. Berlin

    So nice to hear that despite failed mariage, you still have a nice relationship with your ex lover. Life is indeed nicer to live when there is forgiveness and respect

    1. aisasami

      Yes, life is nicer if there are forgiveness and respect. Actually, it was more a failed relationship than a marriage. I was never married to him but he is now.

  35. Lavern Moore

    Steve Perry is an amazing vocalist and I love to hear him on journey records.

    1. aisasami

      He is such an amazing singer. I love his solo material too! Have you listened to his solo albums?

  36. Bindu Thomas

    I don’t know all these songs. But it sounds like a good list. I’ll add some of them to my fav list

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    I don’t know the group – nor the song, but to answer your question: I never find myself reminiscing about a past relationship. I’m starting to wonder if I’m normal at all (lol)

    1. aisasami

      Naaah, you are normal. Some do reminisce about the past and some don’t.

  39. Lyosha

    Journey is awesome. I liked them a lot during my teenage years, I still like them now. good song too

    1. aisasami

      What are your favorite Journey songs or albums?

  40. Melanie williams

    Never heard of these before, but love the sound and like my music too xx

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  41. Michele

    I love Journey’s music, I do not like Steve Perry for leaving the band in 1987 or threatening his bandmates that if they toured using the name Journey while Perry was recovering from a hip injury in 1996, Perry would most certainly not perform with them again. Great music, sucky lead singer.

    1. aisasami

      Ahhh, I didn’t know that about Steve Perry. His attitude reminds of Peter Cetera’s. It sounds like lead singers from 80s bands were a bit moody and fussy.

    1. aisasami

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

  42. Jackline A

    I don’t know much of the band Journey but I do know this song. Thanks for sharing about this song

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    You can’t go wrong with a Journey song. This was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

    1. aisasami

      Amen! Journey is great for any occasion! What is your favorite song by the band?

  44. thanks so much for sharing about this band & some of their songs that you have enjoyed 🙂 I have not heard about them until I have read your sharing here, lovely music discovery I had 😀
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  45. Neely Moldovan

    I love this! We had a journey dance party today and this song was a fav!

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    I love arena rock and journey embodies this genre. I’m a fan of Steve Perry and
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      That is great to hear! Have you heard any of Perry’s solo albums?

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    This is a really cool concept!!! The 80s (and mostly 70s) would have to be my favorite era. I loved EVERYTHING the 80s brought musically. And the videos!!!! There were actual videos on MTV!!! And WHAM…and most importantly, George Michael was AND IS my all-time favorite!

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

  48. LuciWest

    So fascinating to get your perspective of these old American songs. You are filling a bit of a void. There’s so much information about today’s songs online. Thank you for what you do. Personally, Journey isn’t my kind of band. 🙂

  49. Joanna

    This is such a great song, and Journey is an amazing band! The lyrics of this song actually remind me of another band, but no matter how much I try to remember their name I can’t. Big band anyway, with a video in which he promises her that it’s the last tour, and she says that if he goes she won’t be back when he returns.

  50. Ashli Ferguson

    I love Journey!! they’re such a great band! I dont listen to them often but I need to!

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    Journey is a great band but I’ve never listened to this song! Thank you for sharing!

  55. Nina Bosken

    This is an interesting idea. I do have exes and maybe at one point in time, I would have liked to have said something to them. However now I’m in a very happy relationship with the person I’ll likely spend the rest of my life with, so I really don’t need to say anything to my exes. I’m glad it didn’t work out with them because I like who I’m with a lot more.

  56. Laine Barbieri

    It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  57. Paul

    I was in High School when Journey was created. I remember their first album and how they grew as a band. They only got better and Send Her My Love was explosive. People have to put in mind the video of that song was live. This is how good Steve Perry could sing. Journey will go down as being historical like the movie Grease. Growing up form the 60’s thru that era was incredible. Music just isn’t like it use to be.. I heard this before..

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