25 Days of Christmas: Julissa Neely Brings the Mellow Side of the Holidays with “Born Divine”

Welcome back to the third day of 25 Days of Christmas. Here on ai love music, let’s celebrate this warm holiday season by transforming the Daily Feature into 25 Days of Christmas. Each day, we will feature a holiday song from any artist from any genre. Today’s holiday song is “Born Divine” by US jazz musician Julissa Neely.

The tune is a mellow Christmas ballad, complete with jazzy chords, acoustic piano, and upright bass. The content of the lyrics talks about the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. With the jazzy, relaxed chords and mellow vocals, Neely communicates the story as if you are sitting with the artist herself. Listeners can hear the warmth and intimate feeling that encases entire the song from its own sound. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the soulful addition with Neely’s vocals as they bring spirit and depth.

“Born Divine” is the perfect song to listen to during your holiday season. It is a spirited jazz piece that features so much flavor and musical colors. Perfect for a cold December night!

Make sure to check out”Born Divine” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!