You are currently viewing Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist [Part II]

Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist [Part II]

How is everyone’s June going on so far? To kick June off, I am featuring a new series for this blog. It is called the Hot Tracks Playlist. Every month, I will feature a playlist with new tracks that you have to hear. They are featured on Spotify unless noted.

Throughout the month, I will featured every artist and their song on this blog. If you like the artist or song, I strongly follow them on their individual social media sites. Show some love for good music!

Let me know what is your favorite song on the playlist in the comments below!

June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

Here it is! Check out the playlist for June 2020 Hot Tracks:

Since there are many artists on this playlist, I am going to feature each artist in a series of four posts. Check out the first ten down below!

Make sure to check out the rest of the June 2020 Hot Tracklist series: Part I, Part III, and Part IV.

“Metric” by Marcovits


“Metric” was released on the legendary German label Traum Schallplatten next to some of Marcovits’ favorite artists. The track is already on top of some of the best melodic techno playlists on Spotify like Huminal, Melodic Deep, and Klangspot. It is a progressive melodic techno track that has details that take you into a hypnotic journey, hope you enjoy!

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“Found” by Bryan Chua

“Found” is a warm, fuzzy-type love song about the start of a new relationship, though it also works as a first dance, a wedding-type song about the commitments we make to the people we love. It is a song that rests somewhere between Pop, Folk, and Soft Rock, driven by an acoustic guitar and embellished by organic strings and an epic guitar solo in the bridge. The song features uncomplicated yet earnest and relatable lyrics that reflect the feelings of being loved by someone – whether a partner, friend or family member – and the promises we make in return.

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“Curious Man” by Raymond Revel

Raymond Revel is an American Singer-Songwriter originally from Burbank, California. While his music is now on the rise, music is not something that is unfamiliar to him. Raymond started out by playing the piano by ear at 5 years old, and he was writing full songs by the age of 11. Through the years, Raymond has served as a background singer for Demi Lovato, Pharrell, and Little Big Town. Also, he has appeared in episodes of The Voice, The Jingle Ball, and for the American Music Awards.

Additionally, Raymond has performed as the lead singer in a band, has led multiple a cappella groups, and of course, performs as his own solo act. Needless to say, Raymond brings experience to the table when writing and producing his own music.

“Curious Man” is very simple – piano, some strings, and vocal to keep the message raw and the feel down to earth. The song itself is all about curiosity – stating through each verse how the curious man will have advantages over a hard-working, talented, or confident man. It’s a thoughtful tune and I really worked hard on these lyrics.

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“Absurd Dances” by Brief Candles

An absurd mix of chillout, trip-hop and jazz elements, “Absurd Dances” is an Albert Camus inspired concept EP by a British composer living in Brazil.

Brief Candle is a British musician and producer, with touring and record credits for acts such as Jessica Wilde and DRGM and a composer having worked with the Tate Gallery in London and the Oscar-winning short For Elsie.

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“Make A Monster” by Angela Sclafani

Angela Sclafani

A brand new song with a focus on captivating melodies and dazzling lyrics that will resonate with the audience. This beautiful track combines the fresh energy of pop with the grit of rock, and pretty much everything in between.

With stunning melodic layers and edgy vocal hooks, Angela will capture your imagination and fill your head with tuneful music that will certainly make its way through your favorite heavy rotation playlist.

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“Who’s Gonna Save My Roll” by The BuzzDealers

Music has no borders.

Formed in 2015, the Athens-based quartet The BuzzDealers serve a sonic blend of blues-rooted garage rock ‘n’ roll fused with vibrant riffs and raw, cathartic energy. True to their hometown maxim “Get in, Groove on, Fuzz out”, they come out as a ferocious spirit, untamed in nature that rings heavy and loud. With references in music of past eras, The BuzzDealers carefully accommodate their signature sound with uncompromising wording and emotional outbursts while stepping in a lucid swirl.

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“Finger On The Trigger” by Arcwords


Arcwords are a Dublin based indie band. After meeting as students Dublin, Arcwords have spent the last three years drawing upon post-punk and math rock styles to create a guitar-driven, hook-filled sound. Finger on the Trigger sees Arcwords at their most energetic and exciting, chock full of singable hooks, energetic guitar lines, and pumping synths.

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“Nothing Wrong” by George Mills

George Mills

“Nothing Wrong” is a soothing yet uplifting pop/electronic single, with layers of acoustic and electric guitar which, as a guitarist, remains a prominent feature in all my music. Contrary to the overall cheerful sound of the track, the message works as a reminder to stop comparing your life to others, as this has become such a common habit for younger generations in an online world.

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“Bones” by Kuba Kluza

Kuba Kluza

Kuba Kluza is a pianist and singer from Krakow, Poland. Coming from the musical family, from an early age he has performed on the stages of Krakow Opera, Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, and Krakow Philharmonic. Currently, Kuba is a singer in the local garrison club in his beloved hometown.

On April 3rd, 2020, Kuba released his second single ‘Bones’ – a song written under the influence of Michael Jackson’s autobiography book “Moonwalk” and the music of The Jackson 5. The song illustrates the universal and fun power of music that makes people feel free.

Make sure to check out my interview with Kuba about his single “The Time”!

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“A Late Night Scroll” by Jon Dawson

Jon Dawson

I started the Misophonia project during the sessions for the Third Of Never album Austerity, which turned out to be a real bruiser. As a way to cleanse the palette and between sessions, I started scoring the events of the day using drones, soundscapes, and piano. Listening back to it now, it seems as if the proceedings had taken a tense tone.

After spending hours working on music that’s predominantly fast, loud, and structured, it’s delightful to be immersed in the spacial sounds of A.R. & Machines, Tim Hecker, William Basinski, Dereck Higgins, Ben Rath, and Dean Hurley. These artists have deeply informed my day trip into the world of ambient music and sound design. This is a genre of music which transcends entertainment and takes on a medicinal role

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“Lightning” by The Sound Ninja Feat. Bill Draper

"Lightning" by The Sound Ninja Feat. Bill Draper

The Sound Ninja (Brock Sombke) is out of Minnesota and loves to write/record music. He is recording his own original raw, intimate songs acoustically with a full band sound. Each track will be released upon completion. He plays every instrument you hear and writes every song unless a featured musician is noted.

Check out my reviews for his singles “With Us” and “Lens (We Use to See)”.

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“Don’t Wanna Leave” by Zandra Vibes

Zandra Vibes

Zandra’s latest single “Don’t Wanna Leave” was produced by Dwayne Moore and Charles Davids out of an Atlanta, GA recording studio where Zandra flies out to record her new music with her production team. Writing credits for this single go to Dre Lue who says of the new single.

When I got the beat for “Don’t wanna leave” I focused on a more edgy version of Zandra’s style. A little mixture of pop with an urban twist. What we came up with was a happy medium that the fans will enjoy. Don’t Wanna Leave is a song about self-confidence and knowing your worth. It’s about loving your essence in the context of a relationship. A gentle reminder to love your vibe no matter what.

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Check Out the June 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

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