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What to Listen to in June!

I am back with another awesome playlist, this time with songs you should listen to in June! A playlist that features music from around the world, various genres, and vibes!

Some artists that are featured are Ace Ambrose, B4GMAN, Brad Hodach, Butterjunk, Carly Lewis, Cerulean, Chase Rice, Dane Amar, Eddie Heartthrob, Emmrose, End of Proof, F.A, F/L/P, Florida Georgia Line, Foxchase, Gefahrgeist, Glasglow, Hook, Illicit Ghost, Jamie Cook, Johnny Ashby, Julian Class, Karli June, Kiriku, Liam Sullivan, Liza Dries, Lossline, Lucy Gaffney, M. Illa, Natalie McCool, nicha, Palma Louca, Peachkit, Phillip Bowen, Pinkfiz, Post Coal Prom Queen, Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, Rayne, Reality Suite, Sarpa Salpa, Shemy, Siggimusic, Stay For Tomorrow, Talkboy, Taylor Esposito, Tennyson King, Théa Marie, Tlngo, Under Starling, VERAH, VITO, Von Boyage, and VYC.

Check out the playlist below!

What is your favorite song?

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What to Listen to in June!

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