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Just Like the Day When I Met You — Do You Remember That Day?

Happy Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just right down the corner! Next week, I will feature a special post of various songs that were chosen by you, my wonderful readers! Be sure to check it out around next Wednesday!

Today’s song was a popular love song in the late 90s. Yes, it’s another Japanese song (I been meaning to add more variety to this blog once again, just this song has been on the draft pile for a couple of months). But, it is one of my favorite songs!

Just Like The Day When We Met

I had always listened to Every Little Thing songs since when I was in middle school. They were all over: in Japanese dramas, anime, and important events of my life. Heck, their 1998 smash-hit “Time Goes By” was used to describe the disappointment of my first love and to say goodbye to him.

Taking a look at the lyrics — which I placed the English translation down below — “Deatta Koro no You ni” (出逢った頃のように; Just Like When We Met) is a sweet song about a girl reminiscing the special one in her love life. It is a typical girl next door song as it paints the main character as a shy, sweet girl who is love but doesn’t know how to express it well enough or how to express her love to her special one. Even though one would think these lyrics might be too sugar-coated, we had this kind of experience before, right?

My Memories

I have. It was with my first love. Although it was a long time ago, I had the same experience of puppy love as in “Deatta Koro no You ni”. Now that I think it back on it, my first love was a bit naive. Here, I think my love for this guy will last forever, and everything was going to be just peachy.

Naaaah, it didn’t turn out like that.

I haven’t been in a relationship for about 11 years. My parents always ask when I am going to get a boyfriend. But, I haven’t thought about love. I don’t spend every day wishing for a boyfriend. There are a lot more things I would instead be doing something else than trying to chase down boys. Not to sound conceited but if romance is to be in my life, it will happen. And if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I would be happy with that.

The Dreamy Tune by Every Little Thing

Back in the autumn of last year, I used to dream about this song. That is right, especially with the opening verse. That part is very dreamy and light. When I listen to the opening, I become at ease and very relaxed.

Of course, that dreamy, light melody of the opening fades into something substantial with the introduction of the guitar and Mitsuru Igarashi’s iconic style on synthesizers. The song doesn’t dive into a heavy rock melody as it keeps its innocent, sweet nature throughout. Overall, it is a sweet and relaxing piece that has a guitar and a synthesizer supporting it.

Shot from Every Little Thing's "Deatta Koro no You ni" music video

How About Your Memories?

So I ramble on that I don’t have a significant other to share beautiful memories with. But, it doesn’t mean that I am entirely against romance or romantic feelings. I like to hear from my coworkers about stories with their significant others (mind you, I work with mostly men)

How about you? Can you remember the day when you met your partner? Or do you have special memories with that person? I would love to hear about them in the comment below. I love these kinds of stories.

While you share, you can listen to a live version of “Deatta Koro no You ni” from 1997:

The Lyrics

These are the English translated lyrics, thanks to Megchan

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away 

Romance manuals and fortune telling 
I gave up after a while 
Little by little, I began to be impatient 
The changing shapes of everyone around me 
I made a note in my diary of the day we’ll meet 
Somehow it’s sort of strange 
That I could be more obsessed than before 
Maybe it’s the spell of summer love 

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
I want to be this way always 
Treasure the excitement 
In your clear blue eyes 
My heart is throbbing 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away 

I wonder how long I talked on the phone 
It wasn’t enough 
I wonder what I should wear for our date tomorrow 
It’s strange how much I’m worrying about it 

No matter when, I’ll be close by 
Looking after you 
It’ll be a wonderful feeling, like a white wave 
The more we meet I’ll embrace 
My feelings and happiness 
And I believe you’ll be here 
Next year, too 

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
I want to be this way always 
Treasure the excitement 
In your clear blue eyes 
My heart is throbbing 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away

About the Artist

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing, or ELT, is a Japanese group that got its start in 1996. Initially, as a three-person band, it featured former idol singer Kaori Mochida, Ichiro Ito, and Mitsuru Igarashi. The band started when Mochida submitted a demo to Japanese music label avex trax. That is when Igarashi recruited Mochida to join the group, along with his guitarist friend Ito.

ELT released their debut single, “Feel My Heart”, on August 7, 1996. The single was a success as it sold over two million copies and scored favorably on the Oricon charts, placing #24. A year later, they received their first #1 single with “For the Moment” — their biggest selling single. “Time goes by”, to date was released a year later in 1998.

Unexpectedly, Igarashi dropped out of the band before going on tour in 2000. This incident forced the group to rethink their sound without Igarashi’s heavy synthesized sound. Through the hardship of losing Igarashi, the group rose like a phoenix to find their new musical direction.

ELT is still going strong after 23 years.

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  1. Anna de Nord

    Wow, great song, thank a lot for sharing! Sometimes a nice melody can make us dream even if there is no relationship in our life right now… That’ not bad, on the contrary – that’s the great power of music)))

  2. Dalene Ekirapa

    Valentine’s is here and such beautiful songs with touching lyrics are just what we need to be hearing. Couples should get this!

  3. Vivienne

    I don’t think it’s conceited to think “if it happens, it happens”. If you’re happy with yourself and your life, then that’s great! Romance/relationship is just a cherry on top of your life called a ice cream sundae 🙂 And if it doesn’t happen, you still have a delicious ice cream sundae! I’ve been single for 8 years and I’m pretty happy with my life. Cheers! Xoxo

    1. aisasami

      I agree. When I visited my parents this past Christmas, they were asking about my romance life. I never thought about having another person in my life. I do feel sometimes that my coworkers — I work at a preschool — are a bit “Wait till you have kids” or “You don’t know what to do with kids because you have none” kind of attitude. I don’t need to have my own kids to learn about kids.

  4. AnotherFoodBlogger

    I’ve never heard of this band ELT – well done to them for powering through during the hard tune of losing such a pivotal band member so close to a tour!

  5. crisshex88

    We always hope not to be the only ones to have tattooed in the memory that moment full of love, emotion and joy … also because it is from these little things that we discover how strong a bond is.

  6. Travel and Learn

    I remember the day I met my husband, and it is quite funny that on Valentine’s Day we celebrate the “and a half” part of our “when we started going out” anniversary, as we began our relationship on August 14. So, this year we are celebrating 12 and a half years together! Also, this song goes on the Valentine’s playlist! 🙂

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    A nice sweet melody is always refreshing to listen to. I met my second husband 12 years ago and I can relate to the song “How Did You Know?” by a Filipino artist named Gary Valenciano. (feel free to search youtube and listen to the song. It is in English)

  8. Genny Gall (whatsupdearie)

    Valentine’s day is for Being in love: Live loving, love without suffering, and always smiling.

  9. Kelsey Harmony

    What a pretty song! That was wonderful to read through.

  10. Princess Quinn

    That is a pretty nice song you have there. The melody is absolutely wonderful. I love the lyrics as well.

  11. Cathy Kennedy

    What a sweet memory about your first love! I think you’re very wise to not rush a new relationship if it’s meant to be it will happen in good time. I enjoyed your Japanese song choice for today and am glad you’re always good to share the English translation. My DH and I grew up in a very small community so I knew him but didn’t, does that make sense? lol It wasn’t until the fall of 1976 that this changed when he asked me out. I was a few months short of my 15th birthday and he was a senior in high school. That was the beginning of what we have now. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in June. DH is more than just my significant other, he’s truly my best friend. I count my blessings each day that God brought him to me. I pray that God gives you someone equally special when the time is purrfect. Thank you for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor, dearie. Have a boogietastic week! xx

    1. aisasami

      Thanks Cathy! What a wonderful story! It is so sweet that he is a best friend as well as the love of live. He has been there during the good times and bad times. BTW, how do you get the Blog Hop code to work. I try imputing it many times and it just gave the links and not the photos. I have the new editor.

  12. I really liked the way you wrote about yourself. Yes, I had been single for a decade. I don’t really have a social life so finding guys is not a thing. I am not desperate either. If any day someone is meant to enter my life, then it will happen 🙂 Agree with your cute post.

  13. John Holton

    Nice little song! I like the singer. So, the keyboard player dropped out?
    I first saw my wife of 41 years in a training class at the department store we worked at, but didn’t realize she was at the same university until we passed each other in the hall. I was getting coffee one morning and she walked up and asked me if I worked at Marshall Field’s (the department store). That was in 1976,and we’ve been together ever since.

  14. Lyosha Varezhkina

    That is so romantic! i wish I could write similar post but I can’t. My love came in time and knew my better half for ages when I fell for him

  15. Sabrina Must

    I wrote a book about dating called, and I totally get you when you said your parent asking you when are you going to get a boyfriend… I mean it is not easy, not easy to find a person you can connect with. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Beth Deyo

    Song lyrics have a way of pulling out memories and emotions, so I love to listen and read what an artist has to say. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Kim

    I’m pretty much where you are regarding relationships….only difference is, I suspect you are a lot younger than me. It just took me a few failed relationships and some years and getting to know myself before I could get to the place I am now – where I’d like a relationship/significant other, but will be happy without as well.
    Catchy song! Happy 4M/Music Monday!

  18. Jennifer L

    Oh what a beautiful melody! I feel the same way about relationships. While my friends have significant others, the yearning to be in one isn’t strong. Im actually enjoying being single for years now.

  19. genaadventure

    Such a great post right before Valentine’s Day! And, also, a great song

  20. Oh today’s post is a break from the usual battle of the bands. Thanks for sharing. I had to watch the video from the beginning till the end to see if I would somehow like or appreciate Japanese music.

  21. grace& anything

    Oh i love how you embrace singleness without any trace of sadness. It doesn’t sound conceited btw. You’re just so contented and it’s amazing.

  22. Geraline Batarra

    Oh i love that self love. Contentment is the biggest gift i would have ever receive from God. And you had it girl. So lovely.

  23. Kelly

    No need to force love. I enjoyed your reminiscing. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Ashli

    I love your view on this! a “if it happens then it happens” kind of look on it and I think that’s a great way to be! If you go looking for it it may never happen – so it’s nice to just wait for the right moment to happen naturally!

  25. happyandbusy

    Ohhh I just remember how I met my partner. Well it really happened haha and we really did not expect it

  26. XmasDolly

    Absolutely fantastic and what a pretty girl with such a lovely voice. She really gave her tune the true emotion that it deserved. Thanks for playing along with us and I hope you’ll come by again. We’re here every Monday! hugs

  27. momelite2

    I had never heard of this song until now. I absolutely love it. Thank you for introducing me to something new.

  28. Sarah Garden

    I had not ever heard this song before. It is fun to hear about what is popular in other spots of the world 🙂

  29. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Your article brought back many wonderful memories about my relationship with my wife. 🙂

  30. Francesca

    I have never heard of this song before but the lyrics are so beautiful. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing and making me aware of this song.
    Fran x

  31. Gill Trotman

    My wife and I are childhood sweethearts and have decades of great memories together. Lovely song and great blog!

  32. toastycritic

    I love the quote about the more you meet the more you are assured of your feelings. It’s true and the more connection the more you feel love for the other person.

  33. Tadpoles And Mud Puddles

    I think love comes for you when you least expect it. A year after my first love broke my heart and I traveled halfway around the world I found my true love and got married a few years later. I love the song.

  34. Yonnah M

    This is a beautiful song and a great post.

  35. Clare Minall

    Oh wow, that was a great song. This is what a Valentine’s feels like. Love playing it all over again.

  36. Alexandra Cook

    This is my first time hearing this and I just love how beautiful that song was

  37. Rebecca Sanchez

    One of the sweetest song I ahve ever heard so far. really perfect for Valentine’s season. It makes me interested in the artist.

  38. Preet

    Just a song I needed today. I am looking for some songs that I could play on Valentine’s Day. Thank you or sharing.

  39. I definitely agree with the “if it happens, it happens”. But that’s just now. When I was single, I went through phases of actively dating and not caring. It was while I wasn’t looking for anything that i met my boyfriend.

  40. Joanna

    Aren’t all first loves naive? It’s amazing how certain songs trigger memories, some good and some bittersweet. I do have a song that triggers memories of my first love…

  41. Kansas Bonanno

    I remember the first night my husband and I first met, I should have known we were in trouble then lol. 11 years later and 4 kids we are still together!

  42. Jolie Starrett

    Nice song. Reminds me I wonder what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?!

  43. tenzendude

    The song wasn’t quite what I was expecting from your initial description. A bit more pop rather than a love ballad. One thing I never realized in my youth was how precious planning a future would be. My wife and I have been married now for 37 years and it pretty darn special being able to make future plans with someone who is sharing your life.

  44. Elena Toma

    I never listened to Japanese songs before, I was also expecting a love ballad. I will definitely check more of their songs !

  45. Lisa

    This is a really pretty song even though I couldn’t understand it! Always like listening to these suggestions.

  46. Adventuring with Shannon

    This is a great breakdown of these songs! Thanks for sharing.

  47. Elizabeth O

    So beautifully written. For the special day, you wrote very well. I make arts when I feel like this. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and songs

  48. Matija Antonić

    I haven’t heard about this band to be truthful, but I really do enjoy the song, it’s really great for valentines day, kudos on the pick, can’t wait to hear more 😀

  49. Chelle Dizon

    Me and my partner was childhood sweethearts when we were still in high school. We broke up then after several years we reconnected and got back together until now.

    1. aisasami

      Wow, love always come together eventually. Thanks for sharing your story!

  50. Jasmeet Singh

    The song is real good, but i couldn’t understand the lyrics. Thank you for sharing

    1. aisasami

      I posted the translation near the end.

  51. blair villanueva

    The song is so good and thank you for sharing its translation! Makes it more interesting 😀

  52. folabest

    You made my day with this beautiful post. Happy valentine

  53. Paula Stewart

    I remember the first moment I laid eyes on him. We were at a campground and he was sitting outside reading 📖 unshaven, with long hair, and wearing cut off shorts. I thought he was a handsome homeless vagabond. He tried to talk to me for a month before I would talk to him. Guess I knew that it would be all over once I did 🙂 BTW it was the Bible he was reading that day I first saw him. 🙏

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for sharing your story! I loved it! It was sweet!

  54. Samar

    I love reading this blog, It is always crisp and to the point!
    The lyrics were beautiful !
    Thanks for sharing.

  55. Lydia Smith

    There is no SO for now but I’ve been always dreamy about the day is meet one. So, listening to a song like this is one way I can travel into the future I want. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  56. Style High Guy

    I’ve never heard of this band or song, thanks for introducing 🙂

  57. Valentine’s Day can be tiresome when your single and alone but it’s amazing to have an excuse to share your love when your not.

  58. I’m gonna ask Alexa to play this song later, I’m hoping she knows it 😉 on a side note I don’t remember the song that was playing the first time I met my husband, we’re going to have to figure that out. 😊

  59. This is a lovely sharing, so sweet & memorable piece. Enjoying my time reading your sharing here, thanks 😀 Cheers,

  60. mariaaar

    Such feel good songs make the heart happy!

  61. Abu Zaid

    Actually I never hear about that songs. but thank you for share about this.

  62. TheKitchenDoc

    I always love cheesy romantic songs..valentine’s day or not. Ha ha. Thanks for sharing this

  63. Crinkle Hub

    Thanks for sharing. I love the song, very romantic. happy hearts day!

  64. Blair Villanueva

    I love japanese love song, very emotional and genuine comes from the heart.

  65. I enjoyed this song, and enjoyed learning something about you. I met my husband of 44 years as a freshman in college. He was in my geology class (for him, a major, for me, a way to get a science requirement out of the way) but I paid no attention to him until one day when was walking to class after lunch and he was hanging out with a couple of my friends on a bench. He offered me his seat and I called him a “male chauvinist pig” (well, it was 1970.) We’ve been together ever since.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for sharing your story. It was really sweet to read about how you met your husband!

  66. aditi

    It’s difficult to ever forget the day we first met. It was a cold night and we danced together for the first time under the stars at a party we both weren’t technically invited to;)

  67. alyssadawsonbloggmailcom

    Oh this was fun! Isn’t it funny how we remember certain times and moments in our lives? It’s like they are time stamped in our memories, especially when they are special like this!

  68. Not conceited at all! Don’t find love just for the sake of being in a relationship. As they say, it happens the least you expect it. I can still remember the day I met my husband because I didn’t like him at all. lol. Anyway, enjoy your life. DO as much as you can while you are still single!

  69. Glad you shared with us this week!
    I always think one should ensure that they want a relationship and not get nudged into one or there will be much regret.

  70. Lucy At Home

    It’s amazing how songs can take us right back to that moment in our lives when we first heard them. #blogcrush

  71. jk bloom

    This is such a sweet post – and the song is lovely. I have so many songs that have such great memories attached to them.

  72. Sarah

    Music is truly the most amazing thing on planet earth. I don’t know what I would do without it. Perhaps go crazy? I heard this song a while ago and thought it was beautiful. It’s unique within its own way, that is for sure.

  73. Lisa

    What a beautiful and meaningful song. Thank. you for sharing.

  74. Joanna

    I am not familiar with Japanese music at all. I will listen to this song and see if I like it. I am more of a classic 80s kind of person 🙂

  75. Ashli Ferguson

    I have never heard this song before – thanks for sharing! I hope no matter what you had a great day!

  76. Always enjoy love songs, thanks so much for this beautiful lovely song shared here, love this & really enjoyed it. cheers siennylovesdrawing

  77. Rhea

    That was an upbeat love song, I wouldn’t have known it was one if you didn’t post the translation to the lyrics. 😊

  78. remo

    This is such a nice post. Really enjoyed reading it. Love the song!

  79. Carrie

    Wow! 23 years. That’s super impressive

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