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Just Like the Day When I Met You — Do You Remember That Day?

Cover for "Detta Koro no You ni" single cover

Valentine’s Day is just right down the corner! Next week, I will feature a special post of various songs that were chosen by you, my wonderful readers! Be sure to check it out around next Wednesday!

Today’s song was a popular love song in the late 90s. Yes, it’s another Japanese song (I been meaning to add more variety to this blog once again, just this song has been on the draft pile for a couple of months). But, it is one of my favorite songs!

Just Like The Day When We Met

I had always listened to Every Little Thing songs since when I was in middle school. They were all over: in Japanese dramas, anime, and important events of my life. Heck, their 1998 smash-hit “Time Goes By” was used to describe the disappointment of my first love and to say goodbye to him.

Taking a look at the lyrics — which I placed the English translation down below — “Deatta Koro no You ni” (出逢った頃のように; Just Like When We Met) is a sweet song about a girl reminiscing the special one in her love life. It is a typical girl next door song as it paints the main character as a shy, sweet girl who is love but doesn’t know how to express it well enough or how to express her love to her special one. Even though one would think these lyrics might be too sugar-coated, we had this kind of experience before, right?

My Memories

I have. It was with my first love. Although it was a long time ago, I had the same experience of puppy love as in “Deatta Koro no You ni”. Now that I think it back on it, my first love was a bit naive. Here, I think my love for this guy will last forever, and everything was going to be just peachy.

Naaaah, it didn’t turn out like that.

I haven’t been in a relationship for about 11 years. My parents always ask when I am going to get a boyfriend. But, I haven’t thought about love. I don’t spend every day wishing for a boyfriend. There are a lot more things I would instead be doing something else than trying to chase down boys. Not to sound conceited but if romance is to be in my life, it will happen. And if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I would be happy with that.

The Dreamy Tune by Every Little Thing

Back in the autumn of last year, I used to dream about this song. That is right, especially with the opening verse. That part is very dreamy and light. When I listen to the opening, I become at ease and very relaxed.

Of course, that dreamy, light melody of the opening fades into something substantial with the introduction of the guitar and Mitsuru Igarashi’s iconic style on synthesizers. The song doesn’t dive into a heavy rock melody as it keeps its innocent, sweet nature throughout. Overall, it is a sweet and relaxing piece that has a guitar and a synthesizer supporting it.

How About Your Memories?

So I ramble on that I don’t have a significant other to share beautiful memories with. But, it doesn’t mean that I am entirely against romance or romantic feelings. I like to hear from my coworkers about stories with their significant others (mind you, I work with mostly men)

How about you? Can you remember the day when you met your partner? Or do you have special memories with that person? I would love to hear about them in the comment below. I love these kinds of stories.

While you share, you can listen to a live version of “Deatta Koro no You ni” from 1997:

The Lyrics

These are the English translated lyrics, thanks to Megchan

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away 

Romance manuals and fortune telling 
I gave up after a while 
Little by little, I began to be impatient 
The changing shapes of everyone around me 
I made a note in my diary of the day we’ll meet 
Somehow it’s sort of strange 
That I could be more obsessed than before 
Maybe it’s the spell of summer love 

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
I want to be this way always 
Treasure the excitement 
In your clear blue eyes 
My heart is throbbing 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away 

I wonder how long I talked on the phone 
It wasn’t enough 
I wonder what I should wear for our date tomorrow 
It’s strange how much I’m worrying about it 

No matter when, I’ll be close by 
Looking after you 
It’ll be a wonderful feeling, like a white wave 
The more we meet I’ll embrace 
My feelings and happiness 
And I believe you’ll be here 
Next year, too 

My love is forever 
Just like the day I met you 
I want to be this way always 
Treasure the excitement 
In your clear blue eyes 
My heart is throbbing 
Even if the season changes 
It will never fade away

About the Artist

Every Little Thing, or ELT, is a Japanese group that got its start in 1996. Initially, as a three-person band, it featured former idol singer Kaori Mochida, Ichiro Ito, and Mitsuru Igarashi. The band started when Mochida submitted a demo to Japanese music label avex trax. That is when Igarashi recruited Mochida to join the group, along with his guitarist friend Ito.

ELT released their debut single, “Feel My Heart”, on August 7, 1996. The single was a success as it sold over two million copies and scored favorably on the Oricon charts, placing #24. A year later, they received their first #1 single with “For the Moment” — their biggest selling single. “Time goes by”, to date was released a year later in 1998.

Unexpectedly, Igarashi dropped out of the band before going on tour in 2000. This incident forced the group to rethink their sound without Igarashi’s heavy synthesized sound. Through the hardship of losing Igarashi, the group rose like a phoenix to find their new musical direction.

ELT is still going strong after 23 years.

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