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Talking to Canadian Pop Singer Kaiya Gamble About “I’m In It”

14-year-old Candian Pop Singer Kaiya Gamble recently talked to ai love music about her musical inspiration, her hopes for the future, and the release of her newest single “I’m In It”. With a deeply soulful voice and wisdom far beyond her years, Kaiya Gamble is a versatile pop singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Calgary, Alberta. With musical influences such as Alessia Cara, Sara Bareilles, and Kelly Clarkson, her music has been described as a beacon of light, containing an undeniable message of empowerment, positivity, and hope.

Please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you!

Sure! Hey hey hey everyone! My name is Kaiya Gamble, and I am a soulful pop singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada. I love using the power of music as a platform to support charitable causes, for people to enjoy themselves and reconnect with their emotions.

Kaiya Gamble

How did you get your start in music? How has that journey been?

I got my start in music after my 4th-grade music teacher came up to my parents after school one day and told them I had musical aptitudes. At the time, my parents didn’t know and frankly, I didn’t know either! So, I started voice and piano lessons and realized that I LOVED it! I fell in love with it, and it didn’t take long for me to realize this was my passion. That’s how I got into music, so I definitely have my music teacher at school and my parents to thank! The journey has been incredible, not without its challenges, but amazing. I’m so grateful I found my passion, especially at such a young age!

What musical genres and/or artists influence your music?

Great question! I really love all genres of music, and I think that’s why my songs vary with inspiration from genres outside of pop. There are so many artists that influence my music, but to name a few: Alessia Cara, Sara Bareilles, Leslie Odom Jr, Queen, Ben Platt, Nina Simone, The Beatles, and so many more.

As 2021 is winding down, what are you looking forward to in 2022? Any challenges?

I’m really looking forward to 2022 because of the hopefulness for new beginnings. These past two years have been really hard for everyone, so I’m really hoping 2022 can be more positive, and we can learn and grow from the last two years and move forward!

Let’s talk about “I’m In It”. What is it about?

“I’m In It” is a song all about first love! The excitement of being all in but at the same time having no idea what you’re doing! I think this is something everyone can relate to, so that’s why it’s one of my favourite songs!

What inspired you to write this track?

For me, I related to this song with my first love of music. The butterflies you get when you first step on stage to sing to a crowd! For my co-writers, the amazing artist ANNIKA and her husband, and my co-producer Spencer, I think they related to this song because they just found out they were pregnant with their first child! Love and firsts were definitely in the air as it was also my first time writing with them!

When you write a song, what comes easiest to you: the composition, the melodies, the lyrics, or something else?

I am definitely a melody person. Melodies are what always come first when writing. Either that or a concept or a line is what I base the song on. Sometimes lyrics come first, but most often, the melody is often easiest. Maybe it’s because I just really love melodies in general! When I listen to other people’s songs, a compelling melody is always what I yearn for!

Kaiya Gamble

What was it like producing the single? How was it working with Spencer Cheyne and Justin Kudding?

It was honestly just so much fun all around! Justin and Spencer are incredibly talented, so to be able to work with them is always an honour. I’ve learned so much from both of them, and I’m so grateful I met them. You know, Justin, Spencer, Brendan Waters (who played keys on the song), Sam Coulson (who played guitar on the song), and I just had an absolute blast. I think the song 100% reflects that!

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

I really want listeners to feel something when they listen to my music. If it touches someone’s soul in a way that they relate to the song or it resonates with them, that’s special. Where they can say, “oh my gosh I’ve totally felt that before” or “I love this song because……,” then I’ve done my job. And I really hope I can do that with my music. Hopefully, I’ve done that so far.

Any future plans?

Yes! I have some more singles in the works that will be coming out in the New Year. Live performances will totally be something in the near future for me!! Maybe even a music video! You’re just gonna have to keep up with my socials and see! haha! Thank you so much again for speaking with me, I truly appreciate the support!

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Talking to Canadian Pop Singer Kaiya Gamble About "I’m In It"

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