Karli June Releases her Insiprational Debut EP `Where You Come From`

Karli June is back with her newest release, her debut EP Where You Come From. She is a country artist from a small town in Ontario, Canada. She talked to ai love music last year about the released of her single “Home Team”. Now she is back to talk about the inspiration behind her debut EP. Check out the interview down below as well as the EP. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comment!

Hey Karli, how are you? What have you been up to since we last spoke?
I am doing well! I have been busy working on getting ready to release this EP – which I am so excited about.

How has 2022 been leading up to your debut EP release?

It’s been exciting. We have released my single “Makes You Pretty” already this year which has already gathered over 70K streams on Spotify. It’s been so powerful to see how it has connected with women.

What is something you want to focus on or challenge yourself in this year?
I have been really enjoying starting to write my next record already. I’m also challenging myself to read more this year!

Let’s talk about the debut EP. Was there a singular theme featured or many? Why?
This album is a little bit of each part of who I am. It’s my stories and challenges of life that have taught me valuable lessons. It’s where I am from, and the places and people who have helped me grow.

Why was it important to feature these theme(s) in Where You Come From? And how can listeners relate to them?
I hope everyone can hear the record and think of the roots in their life. I hope the album has stories that feel like home, and that uplifts!

What was one of the challenges of crafting this EP?

Because of the pandemic, I had to be extra patient in the recording process as we couldn’t travel to Nashville to record it and I actually ended up recording the vocals from my house!

What sounds, lyrics, or tracks from this EP make you excited?

Overall all the lyrics are true stories to me. I’ve had several moments struggling with self-image (“Makes You Pretty”), moments of being frustrated about where I was at in life (“The List”), moments where I am so extremely proud of where I am from (Home Team/ Big For A Small Town) and all of these feel so authentic to me.

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