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Speaking With US-Based Singer-Songwriter Keeana Kee About “Ride With Me”

US-based pop singer-songwriter Keeana Kee recently spoke to ai love music about her musical journey, the people have worked with, and the release of her latest single “Ride With Me”. Find out by reading below what three words she wants listeners to remember when they listen to her music.

Make sure to check out Keeana Kee’s latest single below and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, can you introduce yourself? What got you into music?

My name is Keeana Kee. I’m a singer, songwriter, and fashion model. I was born in Latvia, spent my teenage years in the UK, and in 2016 moved to the US to pursue my singing career. My music style is a combination of Pop, Reggaeton, and Afrobeats and it is mostly compared to Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Karol G.

What musical genres and/or artists influence you?

I was influenced by all the great artists. My idols and biggest influences are Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s 90s times as well as Beyonce and Sia.

Keeana Kee

You wrote your first when you were 10 years old. That is impressive! From then, how did you grow as an artist?

Yes, thank you! It was a cool song. And I can hear that I have already developed the writing style I have now. I never studied songwriting. I guess It’s just been there all along. I’m incredibly happy I was able to stay true to myself and continue doing what I love the most. Over the past years, I have learned a lot about myself as an artist and what environment I need to be in, in order to be more productive. I’ve gained knowledge about the creative, recording, and editing processes and keep learning and improving every day.

You have worked with so many fabulous people! How was it working with them and what did you learn from them?

Oh, I’m feeling so blessed having met all these incredible and legendary people. I can’t even believe sometimes that I had the honor to meet such legends like Quincy Jones.

Everyone works differently and has their own approach. When I collaborate with people that are more experienced than me, I try to learn and take away as much as possible to improve my own skills.

Let’s talk about your latest single “Ride With Me”. What is it about?

“Ride with Me” is a love song. It is projecting that moment in our lives when we are so excited and so ready for a change and for a new beginning. That moment when you feel like you have found your soul mate, that one person who you would like to take things further with – make a proposal, move in together, get married. The lyric “I wanna see you ride with me / Oh can you move in?” captures the overall theme of the song as an invitation to find the future together.

What inspired you to write the song?

I wrote ‘Ride with Me’ when I returned home to New York after a trip to Los Angeles. When I was in California, I drove around the desert, and the overwhelming feeling I had while riding in the car — the burning with excitement and dreaming about the future — was what inspired me to write this song. I transported myself to those magical and ephemeral moments of being in that car and feeling the potential of the future rushing towards me through the windshield.

How was it producing the song? How did the songwriting process go?

I usually write the melody first and then the lyrics. The next time I was in LA I went to the studio with the producer The Track Burnaz, who created the the arrangement and recorded my vocals.

What is the main point of the song? Is it a certain melody, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, or something else? And why?

Hmm, interesting question. It’s hard to say what the main point of the song is because to me every part has a meaning. I believe both – melody and lyrics – play an equally important part in the song. The melody creates the feel that captivates the attention and makes one fall in love with the song and lyrics are what actually defines the song and gives it meaning.

Keeana Kee

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

Energy. Inspiration. Motivation.

I’d love for my audience to get inspired by my songs, get energized and motivated. I put all my heart into writing and recording my music to share a little bit of my soul with every person who listens. Music is healing. It heals me and I wish for it to heal others as well.

What are your future plans?

There were huge changes for all of us in the past year, but I hope we are all try to stay positive and focus on the good. I am focusing on releasing the visuals for my songs and of course I will be releasing a new single shortly. And I am looking forward to the live performances to come back again to see you all in person!

This year I’m also focusing on collaborations for my new singles, which I am super excited to share with you all soon.

Finally, any final words for the readers of ai love music?

Never lose sight of the light. The light within you! Keep going and don’t give up!

Please follow me on social media. I’d love to connect with you all there. @KEEANA KEE everywhere 🙂 Let’s stay in touch!

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Speaking With US-Based Singer-Songwriter Keeana Kee About "Ride With Me"

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