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Feeling That Holiday Nostalgia With “Can’t Do Christmas Without You” by Kinga Angelys

Move over Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande! There is a new Christmas songstress with an amazing holiday song! Canada-born, Germany-based singer-songwriter Kinga Angelys has a catchy, upbeat Christmas tune that will rock your holiday season. Why is that? What makes “Can’t Do Christmas Without You” such a wonderful one? Well, let take a deep look at the tune and find out down below!

Spreading the Christmas Joy

Kinga Angelys

“Can’t Do Christmas Without You” is filled with the warm-hearted and fun-loving spirit of the holiday season. At the very first beat, you can hear the happy energy revert from every inch of the song: the tone, the sound, the instrumentation. It features that exceptional magical sound that makes holiday music so Christmassy with the jingle bells and the lightheartedness. It also has some big, infectious energy, especially at the chorus, when the song suddenly bursts with warm and bubbly energy. Finally, the vocals bring everything together. It is with their powerful range and dulcet tones. Just all these elements coming together so perfectly in this song makes “Can’t Do Christmas Without You” a wonderful holiday song!

One other thing listeners will enjoy about this song is the relatable lyrics. The lyrics stir that nostalgic feeling that one feels when they are separated from loved ones during the holiday season. It was written from the perspective of the current pandemic. This is something that I, as well as many readers, can relate to well (Still waiting to see my mom and dad). However, the song is not supposed to be a Debbie Downer. Instead, it serves as an upbeat reminder. No matter the distance, the Christmas spirit is a possibility. Even if it is only through a living melody and precious moments in our minds and hearts.

Final Thoughts

“Can’t Do Christmas Without You” is a must-listen this Christmas season for its fun-loving, upbeat tempo nestled tightly in the warmth of the instrumentation and vocals. The song bursts with the infectious Christmas spirit with its joyous spirit, dynamic vocals, buoyant beats, and catchy melodies. Angelys is attentive to detail as she laces even the smallest parts of the Christmas spirit in the songs, either musically or lyrically. Yet, listeners find this song so familiar. The lyrics describe the feelings we feel when we missed loved ones this Christmas season. Yet, the singer-songwriter spins the tune with optimism as the song’s core message is that the Christmas spirit is always inside our hearts.

Make sure to check out Kinga Angelys’s “Can’t Do Christmas Without You” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Kinga Angelys

Kinga Angelys is a Canadian Singer and Songwriter based in Germany. A passionate lyricist and performer, she is best known for her velvety vocals, memorable hooks, and alluring acoustic pop melodies. With growing listeners worldwide, her music has also gained recognition as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, Unsigned Only, and Music City Song Star Competition.

Check Kinga Angelys at the following:

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Feeling That Holiday Nostalgia With “Can’t Do Christmas Without You” by Kinga Angelys

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