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The Daily Feature: Sit Back And Relax With THIS Chilled Tune By Kokophonix and Maiko Munroe

Today’s song is “Liberated” by Canadian R&B artist Kokophonix and Guyanese singer Maiko Munroe (former member of the 2000s Canadian pop group Sugar Jones). According to the artist themselves, this track is “inspired by the sounds of chill pop coming out of South Korea, and heavily influenced by new wave neo-soul artists such as the Internet, and mixed with spacious flavours taken from the great dub master King Tubby”.

A tune featuring chilled vibes, “Liberated” features soulful vocals from Munroe while groovy beats from Kokophonix. The vocals take the main stage as they allure listeners to continue one with their smoky, soulful, and slightly honeyed sound. Of course, the instrumentation is just as important as the vocals. The synthesizer works together with a rhythm guitar to create an ambient, chilled backing track that really supports the vocals really well. Both parts are equally alluring to the listener as they are bewitching with their soulful yet chilled vibes.

Make sure to listen to “Liberated” by Kokophonix and Maiko Munroe and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Also, check out Maiko Munroe at the following sites:

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