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`This is Korie` Showcases Acoustic Beauty Through Its Melodies and Lyrics

How are you enjoying the warm spring weather? We might not be able to enjoy it this year the way we had in the past. Yet, we can still enjoy the spring weather by cracking the window or looking at the flowers blooming nearby.  For me, I am able to see the cherry blossoms sprout to life on the tree that is right next door to my apartment. I was also able to open my window more frequently to let the warm air circulate in my apartment. What have you been doing to enjoy spring at your house?

One EP that I have recently celebrated the warm spring weather with is This is Korie.  This EP — released last year by an artist living in Lagos, Nigeria — is a must listen as it brings life to anyone who listens with its soothing acoustic tunes. Read my review and listen to the songs below. Let me know what you think about the EP in the comments below. While listening to the EP, check out Korie’s explanation about the album at the very end. 

This is Korie: The Acoustic Beauty That Inspires Life

With music, I can give butterflies to the soul, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginations and life to everything. I am music and music is me.


Although This is Korie only includes five songs, it is a well-crafted and beautiful EP with a soft acoustic vibe. Each song featured off the EP is diverse in mood, instrumentation, melodies, the message behind the lyrics, as well as the language that each song is sung in.

Take the first song, “Fear”. It is an upbeat acoustic tune that talks about tackling your fears to become the best version of yourself. Keep on moving, and don’t stop as you take many big chances in life. It is such an inspiring piece but also upbeat in its positive melodies and tempos! “Fear” is a great tune to start off the EP with its positivity and inspiring messages.

The upbeat tempo keeps on going when the album shifts to the second song, “Foe”. This song is one of my favorites off the EP as I love its unique upbeat tempo, the guitar playing down to the lowest range in the musical scale and the brilliant way how Korie sings the song, especially during the chorus with the Tremeloes.

The next song, which is entitled “My Love Will Find You”, is another favorite of mine. A mid-tempo love song that is filled with passion. You can hear this passion fully in the vocals and the guitar. My favorite is the chorus as I love the melody: it is simply beautiful and unique.

“Change Me”, which is the second to last song, is upbeat in its own way. Still an acoustic piece, the tune has more spunk than the previous songs. You can hear this spunky energy in the melody and the instrumentation. It also incorporates a backing vocal track, a keyboard, and a drum kit to add a little more oomph to the song. It is a wonderful tune, especially with the chorus, as there is a lot more power found not only in the instrumentation but also in Korie’ vocals. It is such a show-stopper of a tune!

The EP closes off with a slow-tempo named “Ifo (Love)”. The song is unique as it sang in both English and Yoruba. It is a beautiful tune to end the EP as the melodies are so beautiful as well as the message that centers about love. 

Final Words

This is Korie is a beautiful collection of acoustic tunes that have different messages and moods. The EP also showcases Korie’s talent towards songwriting, playing instruments, and also her beautiful vocals. I can’t wait to hear what her second EP will sound like!

You can listen to the EP down below. Tell me what you think in the comments below. What was your favorite tune?

About the Artist


Kindness Okorie, who is better known by the stage name Korie, is a Nigerian singer that was born on June 13, 1998. Korie was born in Lagos, Nigeria and currently lives there. She is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, performing and recording artist with a genre of Soul – Fusion. 

Music to Korie is Life. With music, she can give to people more than she can ordinarily. With music, she can give butterflies to the soul, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginations and life to everything. This is Korie.

Her YouTube Story

Korie learnt how to play the guitar through YouTube during the span of fourteen months without a physical guitar. She drew a guitar on a piece of paper and labelled the strings While watching YouTube videos, Korie imagined holding a guitar, following the instructions and looking at the drawing on a piece of paper before she finally owned a guitar at the age of 19. She also trained herself on voice and other music tactics by YouTube. Now at the age of 21, she’s playing professionally, but still improving on her passion with the help of YouTube.

A Message From The Artist


Call it a “him” or “her”. My fantasy or reality. Still, I would always be drawn to her love since my childhood. Her arms are always opened wide to receive and express all kinds of emotions and thoughts! Emotions and thoughts that I have fashioned into music. This is the way I have felt about music. A very important and powerful personality in my life.

Music gives me the strength when I need to push forward through challenges. Music is the sweetest way that I could express my appreciation of life experiences, the shouts, and joy, ecstasy and sobriety. Music, my friend that comforts me through the hurts from fair-weathered friends. You found me at the age of 5 before I understood what passion is. Now you’re my passion! No matter how good I have expressed my emotions through you, my love for you would always keep me to yet find another wonderful song to sing to my audience.  

Those were my thoughts when I titled my EP This is Korie. This is Korie gives to people more than I can ordinarily. With music, I can give butterflies to the soul, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginations and life to everything. I am music and music is me.

You Can Follow Korie On These Sites:

Official Twitter // Fan Twitter // Soundcloud // Apple Music // Spotify // Stitcher

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