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What Makes Latifa’s “High on You” a Tune to Get Up and Dance To?

Finally, the end of summer! What is on your playlist right now? Do you have any hot club songs that you can dance to at the moment? One deep house track you should listen to is “High On You” by UK-based EDM/dance artist Latifa. Why is this song such a delectable must-listen? What makes it remarkable? Let’s explore it more in-depth down below.

I Am So High On You


I have a habit of rushing into love; in fact, I rush everything in my life – I’m just impatient. I know many will resonate when I say that I ended up in a ‘situationship’ where I had already caught feelings, and we weren’t even a thing. You know that point when it’s intense, but you’re just enjoying the high while it lasts because you know it’s going to crash and burn soon? ’High On You’ pays tribute to that…..Not all love stories are beautiful forever. Some are intense, crazy and they end dramatically. That’s the reality.

Latifa talking about the meaning behind the song

One of the alluring factors of Latifa’s newest single is the lyrics. “High On You” explores the emotional rollercoaster of getting to know someone romantically. Relatable metaphors are mentioned throughout the song. They reflect on the joys and pains of falling in love with someone too fast. “I am so high on you” and “Take off the pressure baby” are some of the lyrics that are well-crafted to paint a lucid picture of these fast emotions. However, these feelings don’t last long as, like a candle, they will burn out and fade away eventually.

Another factor is musicality. Latifa’s newest single is described as a 90’s euro house track. Yet, it features pop elements as well. You can hear the pop side at the beginning with weighty yey bright piano chords that start things. There isn’t much instrumentation except for a light synthesizer melody as the vocals push the song forward.

Then at the 1:18 mark, synthesizers explode with a deep, dark melody. There are male vocals that are distorted with a vocoder. They are embedded in with this melody to ask like an instrumental melody of sorts. These modified vocals are an enjoyable addition as they serve as a melodic point during the instrumental break.

The last thing to listen for in “High On You” is Latifa’s vocals. The singer-songwriter collaborated with Eljay to write, record, and produce her second single. One of the main points that Eljay highlighted in this track is Latifa’s bright and colorful sound. The artist’s pop vocals featuring alluring tones that contrast against deep house instrumentation. Be sure to also listen for the way the singer highlights and connects each note. The singer accomplishes this skillfully to create distinguished melodic lines.

Final Thoughts

Latifa’s “High On You” is an inviting EDM/deep house track that features a variety of musical flavors. The instrumentation features a contrast of bright piano chords with deep, dark synthesizers. Then there are the distorted male vocals who balance out her sweet vocals. The singer’s bright and colorful sound that highlights and also connects notes to create alluring pop melodies. Finally, these vocals and instrumentation creatively express the lyrical theme of falling in love too fast. All these elements come together to make “High On You” such a luscious must-listen.

Make sure to check out “High On You” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Latifa


Latifa is a Birmingham-based singer/songwriter from Singapore channeling pop-based tunes with a fusion of r&b and electronic dance beats. Latifa was born in Manchester and grew up in Singapore, and she is truly an international artist in her roots. She has released her self-written debut track L-O-V-E in August 2019. 

Make sure to check out Latifa at the following:

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What Makes Latifa’s “High on You” a Tune to Get Up and Dance To?

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  1. Unta

    I love to dance, and this song calls for it.

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    Another new song to add to my playlist. A very catchy song!

  3. I’m so glad you shared the YouTube because I couldn’t think of the song, I really enjoyed Latifa’s “High On You” , thanks!

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    This is such a great work out song. I absolutely love the beat. I’m going to add this to my workout playlist.

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    This has a great beat and rythm. Great for hitting he gym! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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    Okayyy, I did not see that change of beat coming. Wow, where do you find these rare gems, clearly I am living under a rock lol. I am jamming to this song this weekend. Its a vibe!

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    Nice analysis of this song! Thanks for sharing.

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    Love the beat! This girl is on fire!

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