You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Leon Bahar’s `Vavou’s Journey’ Features an Astounding Musical Landscape

The Daily Feature: Leon Bahar’s `Vavou’s Journey’ Features an Astounding Musical Landscape

Today’s Daily Feature is actually an EP! It is Vavou’s Journey by English House/DnB musician Leon Bahar. When talking about the EP’s background, Bahar had this to say:

Speaking about ‘Vavou’s Journey’, first I will say the name Vavou is a name I gave to myself when I was 3 years old and it was the name of my horse persona, hence the horse in the album cover. The general vibe of the EP is all about positivity and standing up against the ‘machine’, fighting for change, etc. It is also about the power and capabilities of young minds in modern-day society.

Leon Bahar

Vavou’s Journey is a collection of different sounds and vibes. You have the first track (entitled “track one”) that starts the EP with its lively, fast-paced synthesizer melodies and poetic verses about standing up for oneself in this day and age that is spoken over the instrumentation. Then you have mellow, chilled, and high-pitched melodies appear in tracks like “BeanBop”. After that, you have tracks like “Ambrosius” that feature an epic entrance with deep synthesized melodies that rumbles with fantastic sounds. The tune is a mixture of different genres with house, rap, rock, and soul/R&B. It also features different tempos as the tempo changes throughout from slow to fast and then back to a slow pace.

The fourth track is one of my personal favorites, which is “Asymptomatic”. You can find the reason why I love the tune in the last third of the song with that throwback melody that is similar to 90’s house jams. I also love how Bahar incorporates the soulful yet light “ooh baby” throughout the tune. After that track comes to the final track called “Synchronicities”. It is one of two tracks that features female vocals (the other is “Ambrosius”). This track is an upbeat yet chilled R&B/pop track that represents the uplifting message of keep on moving and stay positive! It is a quite beautiful tune, both lyrically and melodically.

There is a little bit of everything for any type of listener in Leon Bahar’s Vavou’s Journey. It features five tracks of different tempos, vibes, genres, and moods. But, each track comes together with one message: keep on being positive and keep on fighting for the change! Because of this important message and the amazing musicality displayed, Vavou’s Journey is a must-listen for today!

Make sure to check out Leon Bahar’s Vavou’s Journey down below and let me know what you think! What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comment!

About the Artist: Leon Bahar

Leon Bahar

Hey, my name is Leon Bahar. I am 19 years old and have just finished my first year of university studying film music at Leeds Conservatoire. I am half English, half Kurdish. I was born in London before moving to Bath, England, where I spent most of my childhood. 

Throughout my life, I have specialised in many different areas of music such as acoustic singer/songwriter, musical theatre, progressive metal, and house/DnB. I love working with other people and am always looking to collaborate on new projects! My general aspiration is to utilize very different styles in a dance-like setting such as DnB and Celtic folk music.

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Leon Bahar's `Vavou's Journey' Features an Astounding Musical Landscape

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