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The Daily Feature: Singer-Songwriter Leslie Bowe Showcases Something Refreshing in `Something Right`

Nashville-based Americana/AOR singer-songwriter Leslie Bowe released the soulful, acoustic-driven EP Something Right. The artist wanted the EP to capture the musical styles of Amos Lee, Norah Jones, and Jason Isbell in the sense of an acoustic album with its roots in American Roots and Soul music. There is a little bit of everything in terms of instrumentation, from the upright bass to the organ, and then to the piano. Lyrically and musically, this EP is a collection of songs that takes the listener on a musical journey of what the life cycle of love sometimes looks like.

Leslie pours his heart out for the listener to listen to in this five-track EP. His honest approach with soulful musicality and American Roots atmosphere are really refreshing to listen to. It is like Leslie is right next to the listener, singing and telling about his life journey so openly. Each track has its own unique sound, but it is the honesty and soulful approach from Leslie that is worth the listen!

Make sure to check out Something Right down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Leslie Bowe

Leslie Bowe is a singer, songwriter, and musician following his dreams in Nashville, TN. Leslie is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and has been living in Nashville, TN pursuing a professional songwriting career for the past four years. He moved to Nashville to mainly write for other artists, but his love for writing and recording music for himself soon refocused that musical journey. Once an artist, always an artist- and so it was for the artist. As a songwriter, he has won multiple awards over the years that including the current 2022 nomination and 2020 winner for the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s (NSAI) prestigious member Evaluator Song of the Year award.

Make sure to check out Leslie Bowe at the following:

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