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Speaking to Leeds-Based Artist Liam Sullivan About His Latest Single “Stadiums and Churches”

Leeds-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Liam Sullivan recently talked to ai love music about his musical journey, his inspiration, and the release of his latest release “Stadiums and Churches”. Continue to read on to find out what inspired Liam Sullivan to write “Stadiums and Churches”?

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First of all, can you introduce yourself? What got you into music?

My name is Liam Sullivan I am a singer/songwriter from Leeds in the UK. I first got into music when I was around 10 years old, my dad first taught me how to play the drums, in the following 10 years I played drums in a variety of bands before making the leap to be a singer/songwriter. Since then I have played and written with a couple of bands before releasing my first solo EP in 2017.

Liam Sullivan

What musical genres and/or artists influence you?

I listen to a wide range of musical genres but mostly I like some indie, some folk and any music that is lyric heavy that tells a story. My favourite artists and bands are; The National, Fink, Tom Waits and Loudon Wainwright.

You have been performing and writing music for a long time. How have you grown as an artist?

I feel that with my recent releases I have really found my voice as an artist and as a song writer, my songs are simple and meaningful and my lyrics are steeped in imagery.

Let’s talk about your latest single “Stadiums and Churches”. What is it about?

My latest single is “Stadiums and Churches”. I wrote this during the first UK lockdown and it is about how the world as we know it is changing, for example, both stadiums and churches, places that used to be very busy and important places are now empty.

What inspired you to write the song?

I was watching a documentary about a football team in the UK and how the pandemic had affected them. It got me thinking about the similarities between stadiums and churches, how they both allow people to go somewhere to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. The chorus was inspired by sticking my head out of my attic window every day to feel a sense of freedom whilst being locked inside.

How was it producing the song? How did the songwriting process go?

The songwriting process for this song was a little different from my usual one. I usually write and then take the ideas to my band and we flesh them out together. As this was written during lockdown that was not possible.

I was writing some ideas with my friend over the internet, I came up with the main guitar riff whilst trying to come up with a new idea for my friend’s song. It was not a good fit for that song so I used it as the main riff for this one! Once I had that, the rest of the song came together really quickly. I then recorded all of my parts in my home studio and sent it to my friend who is a multi-instrumentalist and producer and he filled in the gaps!

What is the main point of the song? Is it a certain melody, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, or something else? And why?

The piano part that my friend recorded really is a lovely focal point of the track, I also very much like the simplicity of the chorus lyrics ‘Head out the window…’ I like how it conveys the longing for freedom that we all must have felt at some time during this lockdown.

Liam Sullivan

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

I hope that listeners will connect with my honest and emotional lyrics as I think this is the strength of my music and songs.

What are your future plans?

This year I have plans to release more music than ever before. I have a collection of songs that are ready for release and I will be putting them out at regular intervals this year, so there are lots more songs to come this year!

Finally, any final words for the readers of ai love music?

Hey, readers of AI Love music! I have lots of content across all platforms so if you like what you hear there is lots more to be found on Spotify, YouYube, or Instagram! I hope to see you soon!

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Speaking to Leeds-Based Artist Liam Sullivan About His Latest Single "Stadiums and Churches"

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