You are currently viewing Oh no! Look Out! It’s “Peur des filles” by L’Impératrice!

Oh no! Look Out! It’s “Peur des filles” by L’Impératrice!

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is suggested by Fandango of This, That and the Other to find a song or lyrics with “Concern”, “Fear”, “Fret”, or “Worry”. For this prompt, I searched various songs from around the world on Spotify until I came to the perfect one: “Peur des filles” Afraid/Fear of Girls by the French pop/nu-disco band L’Impératrice. The song is a must-listen, but the video is the superstar! Let’s check out this song more in detail dow below!

What Are You Afraid of?

L'Impératrice promoting "Peur des filles"

“Peur des filles” Afraid/Fear of Girls was released in 2021 by the six-member band. The retro throwback features sarcastic commentary on the topics of feminism and misogyny. The vocalist Benguigui had this to say about the song’s presence:

Suddenly, for Peur des files , I found it funny to choose to take the angle of a big macho, and therefore to make fun of all the kinds of stereotypes that this kind of guys could pose on the feminists, like the hysterical, for example. To speak about these taboos with a certain tone, while remaining light, but all the same to speak about them. It may have annoyed some people…! On YouTube, we were told that we were coming to terms with consensus, that it was lamentable to be mainstream like that because we were talking about feminism… ”If being a feminist has become mainstream, well we are due to sit down and talk about the real aims of this fight.

The tune features an old-school funky grove with 80s-styled synth riffs, jazzy feels, and high-pitched, airy vocals. But, it is the music video that you really have to check out. This campy and cheeky video features 60s styles and nods to classic horror movies. I cannot spoil the plot of the music video as you have to watch it yourself, but the campy fun and throwback make the music video for “Peur des filles” a must-watch!

L’Impératrice’s “Peur des filles” is a playful tune with groovy melodies and theatrical fun. It is a song that will have listeners singing along, especially the chorus (I have been signing along!). But, listens should not miss out on the dark humor featured in the song that touches on subjects misogyny, something that Benguigui was passionate to include. If you like “Peur des filles”, then you have to also check out the band’s latest album (which I linked down below too).

Check out “Peur des filles” by L’Impératrice down below! (And the English translation of the song is included in the video!) Let me know what you think in the comments!

Here is their newest album entitled Tako Tsubo

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Oh no! Look Out! It's "Peur des filles" by L'Impératrice!

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    I liked the music and the video Amy. This song has a nice beat.

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    Flore is perfect for this song. She leads all the men in L’Imperatrice without effort. No fear of this girl. She is their Empress!!

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