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Soaring High With the Uplifting Message Featured in LINDA’s “Losing My Mind”

One of the most amazing interviews I had over Zoom recently was with singer-songwriter LINDA from Hungary. It was a pleasure to talk to her about her musical career, inspiration, and the meaning behind the track “Losing the Mind”. The disco-infused pop tune has a really interesting concept. It was awe-inspiring to hear how LINDA combined her two passions to create an amazing concept. What are these passions? You have to find out by continuing to read on!

Who is LINDA?


When you do what makes you happy, the opportunities are unlimited. You can do whatever you want!

LINDA is an artist based in Budapest, Hungary. She was singing since she was a little girl. In her teenage years, the singer was involved in a progressive rock band called Yesterdays in Romania. They released a few albums before LINDA decided to move to Hungary. There, she stopped making music as she was more focused on studying for her master’s. Although she couldn’t keep truly away from music as she had jam sessions with friends here and there.

After taking an eight-year break, Linda returned to the music world. But a new vision for her artistry: making music based on concepts. During the pandemic, LINDA focused on her hobby of gliding. “I started thinking, it would be great to make a music video with me flying and with the gliders,” she told ai love music, “Whenever I used a video of my gliding with music on social media, the music was always muted due to copyrights, Then I thought, “Oh I could make a song for me to flying with my music!”.”

She composed a track for gliding with her music producer Ábel Mihalik. Then requests came pouring in from other artists to make more music. She had ups and downs in both her flying and music career. But, she always had a beacon of motivation to help uplift her spirits. That is Australian top-gun pilot Matt Hall. He was the one to inspire LINDA to chase her dreams (the name of her first single too).

“I wrote a song for him on the train entitled “My Time,” she explained, “I wrote an email to him telling him how he encouraged me to chase my dream. I also asked him if he could make a video for my music. And he did, he sent me some videos of him doing some acrobatic stunts. Soon after, other pilots emailed me with similar requests.”

LINDA mentioned that she has a wide range of musical influences. However, she named the Foo Fighters as a vital inspiration. For example, for the single “City lights”, she listened to jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin to help her make a similarly styled tune. For “Losing My Mind”, the singer-songwriter was influenced by the style of Diana Ross.

But, for inspiring words about being strong and staying true to yourself, LINDA said that she gets these words from female artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. The value, the techniques, and the mindsets don’t just help LINDA with her music.

Soaring With “Losing My Mind”


Don’t lose your mind! Just jump off the cliff and paraglide!

The music video for “Losing My Mind” features LINDA flying, but it also has a story behind it. Every music video and tune that LINDA creates, the singer-songwriter writes a song based on a certain pilot. The instrumentals of the songs are based on flying maneuvers. For “Losing For Mind”, the song and music video is based on the paragliding couple Szilárd Berkei and Dóra Fürész from MPC-SE Paragliding Club. They had so much created the video and even flying around, they even had people gathering around the shooting location as they were attracted to the music and wanted to dance along!

The gorgeous dress was made by Alexandra from the local fashion designer brand NAGEA. LINDA was invited to Alexandra’s fashion about inspiring women who create some amazing things in the community. The singer-songwriter was invited to wear the dress, but also to perform live at the event. LINDA borrowed the dress for the music video shooting. It is a really beautiful dress!

When asked about what would she like listeners to for in her music, LINDA said she just wants listeners to have fun. There are little stories and some fun bits weaved into the lyrics. Each song has its own stories and message, For “Losing My Mind”, the message is about not letting toxic people influence you. Be yourself and shake your bootie!

Check out “Losing My Mind” down below! Let me know what you think about the song and the music video in the comments!

Later this year, LINDA will release her second album. There is an interesting trivia game that will be featured in the album with prizes for those who can guess correctly. It will also feature amazing artwork from one of LINDA’s close friends. Check out ai love music when the album is released for more information!

Make sure to check out LINDA at the following:

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Soaring High With the Uplifting Message Featured in LINDA's "Losing My Mind"

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  1. Luna S

    I had never heard of her before this! She has a beautiful voice, I will check out more of her work.

  2. Adventure Awaits Us At Home

    This is a great background story! It is wonderful that Linda was able to combine her hobby with her passion for music. She has a beautiful voice and I loved the music. It was cool to watch the flying throughout the video. As a side note, my husband and I both have Hungarian heritage although we have never been to Hungary. Thank you for introducing me to Linda!

  3. Lori Bosworth

    What a unique idea to make a video of yourself flying! I like the song…it’s very upbeat!

  4. this song is not typical to me but enjoyed it still. the interview was very interesting too, thanks for always finding a great new material!

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    This sounds like an interesting song. The artist and song is totally new to me, but I do like the message in the lyrics, it’s so original.

  6. risalopez

    I tried to listen to her songs and I love them! I downloaded some of them.

  7. bye:myself

    We are far too focused on music from the US and the UK – and then, there are some national stars that nobody knows outside of their particular country. Therefore, it’s really cool to read about an artist who is from a musically rather unknown country. Well done!

  8. Fransic verso

    This is cool, a Hungarian singer, this is new to me for sure. I’m sure she will be among top artists.

  9. I agree with the comment above – the US songs dominate the radio playlists but there are actually so many amazing singers, like this one, that should be played more!

  10. Polly

    I can see me using “Losing My Mind” in one of my Instagram posts! It’s lively and quite catchy. It’s fantastic!

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