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What Makes Lolita Moore’s ‘LOVED’ Such an Inspirational Listen?

What has been your musical inspiration recently? One motivating album that has caught my attention is LOVED by award-winning American Gospel singer Lolita Moore. I am a big fan of gospel since I was little, even sang in a gospel choir when I was in college. Gospel music has many aspects of why it is such an alluring genre. This fact also holds true for Moore’s newest album. Why? Well, let’s explore down below!

What Makes LOVED Such a Must-Listen?

Moore had this to say about the main theme of the thirteen-tracked album: Speaking to God’s people through her gift of musical talents to talk about his love and grace. Listeners can hear this theme run throughout each track with Lolita’s honest and unwavering approach in talking about God’s love. It is refreshing to listen to her voice conveying whole-heartedly the most important thing to her and others.

The singer also uses different aspects of the main message to create individual tracks. Not all lyrics in each tune are alike. They each cover one facet: God’s grace, God’s love, being loved by God, Heaven, and other subjects. Lolita also has inspiring themes in tracks like “Everything”, “Doesn’t Matter”, and “Right Now” that that talk about current issues that might affect everyone around the world. These tracks have positivity and a call for action to motivate listeners. I love her approach to songwriting as the lyrics are refreshing, motivating, and yet very dear.

Lolita Moore describes her musicality as something eclectic and contemporary. You can hear it throughout the album as she blends the genres of R&B, soul, gospel, and a pinch of pop-funk to create a unique sound. Her sultry mellow vocals are suited for the different styles featured. You have relaxed soul tracks like “Hold On”, slick R&B tracks like “Good News”, upbeat pop-funk tracks like “Do You Know The Man”, and soulful ballads like “Heaven”. Although the universal genre that binds these tracks together is gospel, there is a little bit of everything musical that any music lover can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

LOVED by Lolita Moore is such an inspirational listen musicality and lyrically. Listeners will enjoy the positivity, warmth, and honesty featured in Moore’s lyrics about her unwavering love for God. It is exhilarating to hear how Moore infuses the album’s lyrical theme by dividing each aspect into individual tracks. Listeners will also enjoy the variety of sounds, colors, and flavors from an array of genres. Yet, the main star of the album is the singer’s sultry mellow vocals that captivate listeners to follow along the album’s journey. LOVED is an inspiring musical masterpiece that listeners cannot pass up!

Make sure to check out LOVED down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Lolita Moore

Meet award-winning Independent Gospel recording artist Lolita Moore. Moore, a dynamic songstress, releases a new album titled LOVED. The August launch unveils a new sampling of her distinctly creative style, which is eclectic and contemporary, with a mix of R&B, soul, gospel, and a pinch of pop-funk to formulate her unique, soulful sound.

Lolita, who hails from the Bay Area, now calls Sacramento home where she wears many hats as a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. The full-voiced vocalist says music is her passion. At the tender age of five, Lolita began her singing career and now graces venues all over the world. Her onstage presence is powerful and magnetic with sultry mellow tones that are moving to those who embrace the lyrics. She encourages and enlightens her listeners as she belts out, “live right in His sight, keep the faith in the fight” from her toe-tapping single, “It doesn’t matter.” As Lolita puts it, “I sing to encourage, inspire, and to uplift God’s people.”

Her vocal talents, which range from contralto to alto, have brought her to stages all over the country to perform with such greats as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Norman Hutchins, The Pace Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Amar Khalil of Tony, Toni, Tone, and many more. To her credit, she has received the Best Gospel Female Artist for the Sounds of Soul Gospel Music Award and was nominated for Best Gospel Female Artist for the Spotlight Awards.

Make sure to check out Lolita Moore at the following:

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