SongLyricsSunday: Two Songs That Talk About Love Is a Weapon

Happy Today’s prompt is to find a song with “gun”, “bomb”, “knife”, and/or “weapon” in the song’s title or lyrics. This was another prompt where I had to look on several sites and streaming platforms to find a worthy song. There were a few that caught my attention. But there were two that I really wanted to feature: “Love Is A Weapon” by Letdown. and “Love Is The Weapon” by Elephant Heart. Usually, I would pick one song for each week’s prompt, but I love these two songs too much that I had to feature both.

How about you? Which one is your favorite? Listen to both tracks below and let me know what you think in the comments!

“Love Is A Weapon” by Letdown.

“Love is A Weapon” is a 2021 song released by the Chicago-based artist Letdown. This Pop/Alternative Rock artist made his debut in 2020 with the song “Spotlight”. The artist has this to say about his music: “I struggle a lot with my mental health. It’s tough for me to put a smile on for everyone else. I write music not only as therapy for myself but for others who feel they are spread too thin, falling short or just not good enough”.

“Love Is The Weapon” by Elephant Heart

“Love Is The Weapon” is a 2020 song by the duo Elephant Heart. The duo started in 2016 when married couple Jason and Victoria Evigan created music based on their shared passions and their nonprofit organization Picture This, The result? Genre-bending music is influenced by various cultures around the world. With every release, the band Every Elephant Heart release is designed in such a way to drive awareness and engagement towards social betterments that align with the duo’s ethos. For “Love Is The Weapon”, the song’s central themes are love is action, and every single human life matters.