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Dreaming Away With Love, Lies, and Fiction’s “Dream Away The Lonely”

Cover art for Love, Lies, and Fiction's "Dream Away The Lonely"

Southern Florida Indie Folk band Love, Lies, and Fiction are turning hands with their lovely new single “Dream Away The Lonely”. This dreamy acoustic folk-rock tune has so much to offer that listeners cannot refuse to listen to this gem. But, why? What makes Love, Lies, and Fiction’s newest single such an exceptional tune? Let’s take a deeper look at “Dream Away The Lonely” down below.

Tonight, I Will Dream Away the Lonely

The band paints a wistful tune that talks about the loss of a love relationship. They hoped that they could capture this feeling: “No matter who ends a relationship, and no matter how justified or correct the decision was to end it, your heart only knows that it has lost someone, and experiences the pain and emptiness of their absence.” And they did a beautiful job, both musically and lyrically!

Lyrically, the song slowly builds up a story about a character that is still in love with someone. They hope that their former lover could be still in love with them. This story features the feeling of hope that seeps through each verse. Meanwhile, the character continues on their journey to see if they can salvage a relationship that has been lost. Everything the character does, sees, hears, or experiences reminds them of that relationship. The band does a brilliant and gorgeous job at capturing the broken hope of a romantic. I still dream that you are still in love with me. The promises (of you loving me) come true when I fall asleep.

The band also does a great job at capturing this concept musically. The song is written in a minor key that captures the feelings of sadness, brokenness, and melancholy. The acoustic guitar beautifully picking with the electric guitar blazing a variety of riffs adds depth to the tune. However, the real gem is the vocal melody, especially the chorus. I love how it captures those feelings with catchy, melodic lines. Even the rhythm perfectly captures these feelings. Fantastic musical craftsmanship right there!

Final Thoughts

Love, Lies, and Fiction’s “Dream Away The Lonely” allures listeners with its fabulous written concept of the broken hope of a romantic. It features tones of sadness, brokenness, and melancholy in the instrumentation, vocal melody, and lyrics. Listeners can hear these feelings as the band does a brilliant job crafting the tune by integrating these feelings in every aspect of “Dream Away The Lonely”. I can’t wait to hear what the band releases next as t”Dream Away The Lonely” is a beautifully crafted song!

Make sure to check out “Dream Away The Lonely” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Love, Lies, and Fiction

For years, Eric Jackson was a familiar figure in the local South Florida music scene, singing for various bands. Ironically, though, that isn’t what led to his big break – that happened at a far more unlikely place: McDonald’s. Jackson was in the fast-food chain and singing out loud to the music on the overhead speakers.

One day two years ago, drummer Ricky Sanders, in line buying his lunch, noted Jackson’s talent, though he didn’t say anything about it then. Fate gave them another nudge, however, when they ran into each other again, this time at a Best Buy, where Jackson was singing along to a music video in the TV aisle. This time, Sanders didn’t let the opportunity pass: he invited Jackson to form a band with him.

Jackson accepted, resulting in Love, Lies, and Fiction. Along with Jackson on vocals and Sanders on drums, the trio is completed by Lu Rubino on guitar, bass, and keyboards. While their collective history is impressive, the members are starting fresh with Love, Lies, and Fiction, viewing this band as a means to share music that seeks to touch on the deepest emotions. The band name itself reflects this mission statement: “I wanted something that spoke to the human condition,” Jackson says. “We all have loved. In the words of House M.D., ‘Everybody lies.’ As for ‘fiction,’ I love a lot of different authors and I read everything I can get my hands on.”

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